Got Your Wisdom Teeth Removed? Don’t Eat these Foods While Recovering

Got Your Wisdom Teeth Removed? Don’t Eat these Foods While Recovering

Wisdom teeth that grow at the back of the mouth will not be giving a pleasant experience for everyone. If your jaw doesn’t have sufficient room to accommodate your wisdom teeth, they could only partially erupt and lead to damage of your surrounding teeth. This leads to pain and other kinds of dental problems.

To prevent this, your dental professional might suggest wisdom teeth removal in Sydney. But once you have them removed, you cannot jump right in to your favourite diet. Make sure to avoid the following types of food during recovery:

Spicy, Hot Foods:

During the initial days after surgery, stay away from hot, spicy foods and drinks. The hot temperatures in the food would disturb the surgical site by impacting the blood clot and leading to dry socket, which could be very painful. This is why dental professionals suggest avoiding hot and spicy foods after wisdom teeth removal in Sydney.

However, you could indulge in warm and comfortable soft foods such as mashed potatoes, vegetable soup, and soft pasta. Other suggested soft foods include milk shakes, smoothies, yogurt, and more. These foods are not just easy to consume, but nutritious as well. In fact, they facilitate your healing process in a great way.

Alcoholic Drinks:

Strictly avoid alcoholic drinks during the first 24 hours after the procedure, else it could slow down the healing process. You could even experience more pain and swelling as you consume alcohol right after the surgery. Talk to the dental professional and they will let you know when it is ideal for you to consume alcohol and how it might affect your medication if you are consuming it during the recovery period.

Carbonated Drinks:

Keeping your body hydrated is necessary for proper healing after removing wisdom teeth in Sydney, but that doesn’t mean that you could consume all kinds of liquid foods. Hydration helps to keep your oral mucosa and blood clots in good condition. Along with alcohol, avoid soda and carbonated drinks that could impact the blood clot. Most importantly, you should never use straw to consume any type of liquid food, unless you are fully recovered. The pressure exerted with the sucking motion might lead to breakage of blood clot.

Small-Sized Foods:

Sweet food items would have small seeds on them such as poppy seeds, for instance. Small seeds and grains should be avoided as the chances for them to get trapped in the tooth sockets are high. This might also have to be removed by a dental professional to prevent infection.

These are the 4 types of foods that should be avoided after wisdom teeth removal. For other important post-care instructions or for details about wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney, get in touch with the dentist.

6 Common Questions About Wisdom Teeth Removal

6 Common Questions About Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth removal is one of the popular procedures being carried out by qualified dental professionals, for those experiencing pain and dental problems due to the third molars. Professionals do suggest to thoroughly examine the condition of wisdom teeth, before suggesting to remove them. The wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney is also reasonable with the development of technology in the recent times. If you would like to get a better insight about wisdom teeth, check out the answers to these popular questions:

What are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the third and final molars that grow at the back of the mouth. Most people would have all four of the wisdom teeth growing at the corners of their mouth, whereas some of them would have only three, two, or even none. The development of wisdom teeth shall be contributed to the evolution in diet through the years in human history.

Why Remove Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth don’t mandatorily have to be removed. When your mouth doesn’t have enough room for the teeth to grow, wisdom teeth will only partially erupt and get impacted. This will cause discomfort, pain, and its improper growth will affect your neighbouring teeth as well. Also, wisdom teeth might not be easy to clean as it’s difficult to reach with a brush. When your teeth are impacted, they have to be removed.

When is the Right Time for Removal?

The usual suggested time for wisdom teeth removal in Sydney is during the late teen years. The procedure carried out at this time will be safer, and paves the way for a faster recovery. This period also allows patients to freely rest during the school break.

How is Wisdom Teeth Removed?

The dental professional will numb your teeth and its surrounding areas using anaesthesia, after which the procedure is executed to remove the tooth. Cheap wisdom teeth removal in Sydney is an outpatient procedure, so you could go home right after the surgery is done. Stitches will also be done on necessary areas for proper healing.

Should Someone Drive Me Home After the Procedure?

Yes. Sedation will be provided in most cases, hence bring along a friend or family member with you who could drive you home. Even if you are not sedated, driving by yourself would be uncomfortable right after the procedure. So, it is ideal to have someone with you on the day of the procedure.

How Long is the Recovery Period?

Patients would usually experience discomfort in 3 days after the procedure. Swelling would be gone after about a week. Make sure to follow proper recovery steps for smooth healing. A typical recovery period should last approximately 10 days, which varies from person to person.

If you need to know other important details about the procedure such as wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney or more, get in touch with a qualified dental professional.

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Don’t Do These 4 Things After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Several number of patients opt for wisdom teeth removal in Sydney that is meant to resolve dental problems. Despite being a common procedure, several people continue to make aftercare mistakes that might lead to problems even during recovery. To smoothen the healing process and ensure reduced pain, make sure to avoid the following 4 mistakes:

Mistake 1: Smoking

One of the worst things to do is smoking during the recovery period. Blood clots play a huge role in the recovery period, which helps control bleeding. Smoking could disrupt the blood clot and lead to dry socket, which is extremely painful. Dry socket could not be easily handled with pain medication as well. Smoking and usage of tobacco products in general, slows down the healing process, hence prevent using them by all means during recovery.

Mistake 2: Lack of Proper Rinsing of Mouth

For proper healing after wisdom teeth removal in Sydney and for better dental health, you should rinse your mouth as advised by your dental professional. Rinse using warm water mixed with a small amount of salt multiple times in a day. Doing this after eating or drinking will be effective. Proper rinsing will control pain and swelling, while also helping with the healing process.

Mistake 3: Exercising

One of the biggest mistakes is exercising or involving in physically strenuous activity during recovery period. You are supposed to give your body a good rest at this time. Involving in energy demanding activities might disturb your extraction site. Make sure the swelling and bleeding conditions have completely stopped before you resume your fitness regime.

Mistake 4: Wrong Diet and Nutrition

Proper healing not just requires rest and medications, but proper diet and nutrition as well. Some patients might eat solid foods that require chewing, before they have recovered fully. Others would completely stay away from eating and drinking at this time. Both these approaches should not be followed. Always ensure that you are hydrated, and consume foods that are soft, requires less chewing, and are healthy.

Make sure to avoid the following in your recovery diet:

  • Hot and spicy foods – The spiciness could affect the blood clots and may cause infection.
  • Soda – Carbonated frizzy drinks could dislodge the blood clot.
  • Alcohol – Just like tobacco products, alcoholic drinks will delay your healing process.
  • Crunchy Foods – After removing your wisdom teeth in Sydney, do not consume crunchy foods until the recovery period is complete. As mentioned earlier, stay away from hard-to-chew foods as this might lead to infection.
  • Sugary foods – Plane ice cream is fine, but don’t go overboard on sugary foods. They could damage your teeth. Moderation is the key.

Keep these pointers in mind for ensuring a smooth recovery after wisdom teeth removal. Talk to a professional if you need to learn more about the applicable wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney, recovery tips, or for any other assistance.