WISDOM TEETH REMOVAL in Sydney – Gentle, Safe and Affordable Treatment

Wisdom Teeth may need to be removed for a variety of reasons including decay, infection,crowding and cysts.

In most cases, there will not be enough space for wisdom teeth to erupt. It can cause several issues. Partially erupted wisdom teeth are very difficult to clean and brush and Food and bacteria can build up between the wisdom teeth and the adjecent molars, and decay and gum infection can occur. Upper Wisdom teeth have a tendency to lean sideways and grate against the cheek. These wisdom teeth usually cause ulceration and a lot of pain. Very rarely, tumours may also form from the wisdom teeth.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriate qualified health practitioner.


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Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery at a Younger Age –
Wisdom Teeth Removal in Sydney

Pain is the main reason for patients to come to the dentist. However, usually wisdom teeth start causing pain when damage has already occurred. It is better to have Wisdom Teeth surgery sooner than later. Age is one of the most important aspects when it comes to risks and post-operatory. Roots of wisdom teeth in a teenager are still developing and removal is usually easier and safer. X-rays taken earlier can show whether or not wisdom teeth could cause problems. The dentist or the wisdom teeth removal surgeon in Sydney will tell you when the best time for the wisdom teeth removal is or if it is better to only monitor it.
Antibiotics are only a short term solution
Infections such as pericoronitis can improve with antibiotics, but the infection will usually come back unless the wisdom tooth is removed.
Impacted wisdom teeth categories

Impacted wisdom teeth fall into categories:

Most of the time wisdom teeth with distoangulation are the easiest to extract in the maxilla and the most difficult in the mandibule.

The wisdom teeth with mesioangulation are easier to remove in the mandibule and more difficult in the maxilla

Pre surgical consultation, surgery and review of wisdom teeth removal in Sydney

During a consultation which usually involves an OPG (panoramic x-ray) and clinical examination, the wisdom teeth removal surgeon in Sydney can determine which wisdom teeth will be, or are, functional, and which ones need to be removed. In some cases all four wisdom teeth will need to be removed. The wisdom teeth consultation is always necessary prior to any surgery for clinical and legal reasons. The surgery wisdom usually involves an incision to open the gum, and sometimes a small portion of the bone may need to be removed to provide access for the wisdom teeth removal. The wisdom teeth may also need to be divided into parts to avoid removal of too much bone. Perfect wisdom teeth technique and a lot of experience is needed for these surgical procedures. The incision in the gum may then need to be closed with sutures (these are dissolvable in our surgery). All patients are well monitored after the surgery, and a set of instructions are given and discussed for the post-operation recovery period. A review is organized and usually happens between 1 and 2 weeks after the procedure.

Panoramic X-Ray OPG

An OPG or panoramic X-Ray is very important and usually essential during the consultation of wisdom teeth removal. An OPG shows all teeth but also shows the Inferior alveolar nerve and its proximity to the lower wisdom teeth. The OPG X-Ray also shows the sinus around the upper posterior teeth and helps assessing risks of an oral antral communication or OAC. With the OPG the surgeon is able to evaluate all 4 wisdom teeth and all nobel structures around it with 1 single film. This same X-Ray can also be used for an overall examination of all other teeth by another dentist in case further treatment is required. The OPG X-Ray in an invaluable tool during the assessment of Wisdom Teeth and all remaining dentition. The OPG X-Ray also provides a financial benefit for the patient if more than 1 tooth is required to be removed.

Braces and Wisdom Teeth

Many orthodontists believe that developing wisdom teeth can cause the front teeth to become crowded, and recommend surgery before or immediately after treatment.

Traveling to foreign places or overseas

It may be advisable before traveling to an area or country where dental services like wisdom teeth surgery are not readily available to have at least a wisdom teeth consultation.

Asymptomatic impacted wisdom teeth

There is a risk that impacted wisdom teeth may cause problems in the future. it could occur at inconvenient and unpredictable times. If the wisdom teeth appear to have a high chance of causing problems in the future, the dental surgeon and the oral surgeon may advice the extraction.

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Wisdom Teeth Removal in Sydney – Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a referral from my dentist prior to my wisdom teeth removal consultation at the day surgery ?
Soft diet is advised for a week to reduce any chances of contamination and infection.
Generally, the younger the better! Impacted wisdom teeth unattended could cause issues at some stage in the majority of patients. Earlier consultation and evaluation especially in the teen years is a very important and wise. The dental surgeon can show you the pros and cons of removing or leaving your wisdom teeth and all the risks involved. Each wisdom tooth needs to be individually examined.

During your consultation the surgeon we will explain and give you options that will suit each case the best way. Generally speaking most of people requiring 4 wisdom teeth removal or a surgical extraction of wisdom tooth take the option to have some type of anaesthetic. If your case is a simple procedure it can be done on a dental chair by a dentist.

The average time to remove 4 wisdom teeth in our Day Surgery is 20 minutes and Patients are monitor for at least an extra hour in hour recovery area after surgery.

Swelling after wisdom teeth removal is variable between patients and depends upon the difficulty of the wisdom teeth removal surgery and position of the impacted wisdom teeth. In cases when it happens, the swelling increases up to the 3rd day and then reduces gradually after.

At our facility, extreme attention is taken towards pain. Specific medications and instructions will be given to each patient accordingly to each case by the anaesthetist. Minimal discomfort will be felt if all instructions are properly followed after surgery.

At our facility, extreme attention is taken towards pain. Specific medications and instructions will be given to each patient accordingly to each case by the anaesthetist. Minimal discomfort will be felt if all instructions are properly followed after surgery.

Dry socket occurs when the blood clot washes off the socket after surgery. This results in pain and bad taste. Good tooth extraction technique and proper post-operatory care can reduce the chances of dry socket. It is a rare event.

All stitches used in our day Surgery are dissolvable and will not be require removal. We feel, however, that is very important to review all patients between 7-14 days post wisdom teeth surgery. Review appointments are free of charge with us.

The wisdom teeth are the last set of molars in the back of the mouth. They are the last of the teeth to come in and typically do not begin to come through until a person has reached 16-20 years of age. Most people end up having their wisdom teeth removed for a variety of reasons at our dental clinic — not enough space in the mouth, too many wisdom teeth are present, or teeth are not angled to emerge in the proper position. These issues can cause infections, gum disease, tooth decay, overcrowding, problems to the surrounding teeth, and even cysts. More often than not, it is recommended that wisdom teeth be removed early as it is easier at this stage and less likely to cause major complications. Early removal also decreases the risk of serious problems with the teeth in the future.

The shape of your wisdom teeth should be assessed by our dentist and a special X-ray which can help predict any future problems. Wisdom teeth removal Sydney is made simple and painless by using the latest technology and anaesthesia.

Your wisdom teeth can be surgically removed in our wisdom teeth Sydney clinic. We will begin with an evaluation. If you are a candidate for wisdom teeth removal, we will schedule the surgery. Depending on the number of teeth that need to be removed and the exact reason we are suggesting surgery, you may not require sedation. Most procedures can be performed in our office with local anaesthesia. Sedation via IV is available if the procedure should be lengthy or difficult, or if you would prefer to be sedated.

After anaesthesia is applied and sets in, incisions will be made behind the wisdom tooth. The bone around the tooth will be cut and the tooth itself will be fractured for easy removal. The tooth is then removed, the removal site is cleaned, and dissolvable stitches will be placed. Gause will be placed over the stitches to help with bleeding. For the removal of four teeth, the surgery takes approximately one hour. After you wake from sedation, our team will give you 10-15 minutes to recover before you are allowed to go home.

After surgery, you will be numb for several hours. After about 4 hours, you will be advised to take pain medication and an antibiotic. Your mouth and face will be swollen. The swelling and pain should subside within a week. You should avoid rough foods and cleanse with mouthwash frequently.

Possible common complications include bleeding and dry socket. We can also see infections occur within the first month after the wisdom teeth removal Sydney. If this should occur, our office would provide you with proper medication. More complicated and unusual risks include problems with the sinuses or nerve injury. A nerve injury is characterised by numbness, tingling, or pain in the chin, lip, tongue, or teeth. This issue usually resolves on its own within a few months. However, should you fear a combination, or have any concerns, do not hesitate to call our office.

Wisdom teeth removal Sydney is now affordable. Each individual is different, thus the cost varies depending on your insurance, the number of teeth to be removed and the amount of sedation and anaesthesia needed.  The average wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney varies between $225 – $375. For your personalised quote, please schedule your initial evaluation with us today. We hope to hear from you soon!

Generally, the sockets after wisdom teeth removal Sydney should take about two weeks to one month to cover over with gum tissue. However, it takes about six weeks for the jawbone to repair itself following extraction. This time may vary depending on whether your wisdom teeth were impacted in gum tissue or in bone.

At our facility, extreme attention is taken towards minimising pain and discomfort to our patients. You will get an individual consultation with our anaesthetist, and the area will be numbed with anaesthesia during the procedure. A slight discomfort will be felt after wisdom teeth removal Sydney, which is completely normal for which we will prescribe over-the-counter medications.

Keep your head elevated to minimise swelling after extraction of wisdom teeth Sydney. Use pillows to keep your upper body elevated, and your head should be above your chest level. This will reduce swelling and blood flow making it comfortable for you to sleep.

Getting all four wisdom teeth removed at one visit is common and is often the preferred one. If extraction involves four small erupted teeth, then the procedure is very simple. However, if teeth are large and impacted they require more extensive surgery.

All four wisdom teeth removal Sydney removal is simple that you will get anaesthesia only once. The average time to remove four wisdom teeth in our facility takes just 20 minutes, and patients are monitored for at least an extra hour in our recovery area after surgery.

We understand that cost is a significant factor that stops patients from getting dental treatments. By limiting our scope of treatment in Sydney to wisdom teeth removal only, we are able to offer a great fee to our patients.

Price from $225 to $250 for straightforward wisdom teeth removal with no complexities and $250 to $375 procedures where complexities are found during the initial assessment. Wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney for all four third molars at our facility will not cost you more than $970.