Wisdom Teeth Cost Sydney – COST AND FEES



For tooth extraction due to damage caused by wisdom teeth.
$150 $350


Simple Wisdom
Tooth Removal

For straightforward wisdom teeth removal with no complexities.
$225 $250


Surgical Wisdom
Tooth Removal

For procedures where complexities are found during initial assessment.
$250 $375

Even though the prices for removing a single teeth may vary,

Removing 4 wisdom teeth will never cost you more than $970





Easy payment options thru ​HICAPS & PAYMENT PLANS by concentrating on this single aspect of dentistry in Sydney.

Wisdom Teeth Cost Sydney

Low Wisdom Teeth Cost Sydney, We are able to offer great fees to patients and attract experienced professionals to work with us.

We have agreements with surgeons enabling us to offer wisdom teeth consultation for FREE.

In case you need an X-Ray we also offer in house digital OPG.


Price and Costs for Wisdom Teeth Extraction depends on the complexity of each tooth removal and time allocated to have the surgery performed.

Depending on your case, surgeons performing wisdom teeth removal in our Day Surgery charge from $225 to $375 for each Wisdom Tooth Removal in Sydney. Max Price for ALL 4 $970 !

We are also able to offer fees with our anaesthetists ranging from $320 to a maximum of $375. The Specialist Anaesthetist fee has a rebate from MEDICARE of around $250 and patients end up paying as little of $100 dollars out of their pocket after the rebate.

Our Day Surgery Fee starts from $300.

Wisdom Teeth Day Surgery accepts most of major Health insurance plans with a HICAPS terminal. The patients can have further rebates or discounts on the spot.


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We Offer great fees to patients and attract experienced professionals to work with us.

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Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost Sydney – Affordable Wisdom Teeth Procedure in Sydney

Did you know more than 10 million wisdom teeth are removed every year, and the average cost of wisdom teeth removal ranges from $200 to $1100? The wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney for a fully erupted tooth is low, whereas, for an impacted tooth, the cost is high. Depending on the details of your wisdom teeth removal procedure, wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney will vary.

At WISDOM TEETH REMOVAL Sydney Professionals, the cost of removing a single tooth varies between $ 150 and $275, whereas the cost of removing all four wisdom teeth will never exceed $970.

Affordable wisdom teeth removal in Sydney

Why Wisdom Teeth Removal Sydney?

Also known as your third molars, wisdom teeth are the last set of teeth to grow in your mouth, and they don’t require any special care if they have formed correctly. When there is not enough room for them to grow in your mouth, they become crowded, crooked, or damage the nearby teeth. This leads to complex dental issues, and wisdom teeth price Sydney for removing an impacted tooth isn’t inexpensive.

Factors that Affect Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost Sydney

Based on one or many of the following factors, the wisdom teeth removal price Sydney exceeds out of your pocket.

Partially or Fully Impacted Tooth

If your wisdom tooth has emerged out fully, they are easier to remove, and the cheap wisdom teeth removal Sydney cost for a fully erupted wisdom tooth is $150 minimum. In some cases, the teeth get trapped, which results in partially or fully impacted wisdom teeth that cause severe pain. When removing these impacted teeth, your surgeon will give you sedation and then make an incision to cut open your jaw and get access to the impacted teeth. Once done, the impacted tooth will be broken and removed from the socket. This is a complex procedure and requires more cost than simpler wisdom teeth removal.

Number of Teeth

When it comes to wisdom teeth removal, the cost of wisdom teeth removal is quoted per tooth. Apparently, the cost of removing a single wisdom tooth is lesser compared to the cost of removing multiple teeth.

Type of Anaesthesia Used

During the wisdom teeth removal procedure, the surgeons use local anaesthesia to numb the area and extract the tooth out of the socket. But, in some cases, they have to use sedation to put the patient in a relaxed state during the procedure. In some cases, the combination of both local anaesthesia and sedation is used. When a patient wants all four wisdom teeth removed, the procedure is done under general anaesthesia. So, depending on the type of anaesthesia given, the wisdom teeth price Sydney varies.

Patient’s Age

The cost of wisdom teeth removal varies with age. Yes, as people age, their jaw bones become dense, which makes the surgery difficult and complex. The more complex the surgery, the higher the cost. For instance, if you are getting your wisdom teeth removed at a young age, the cost will be relatively low since the surgery is less complex.


The location of the dental clinic from which you are getting your wisdom teeth removal also plays a vital role in deciding the wisdom removal teeth cost Sydney. The wisdom teeth removal procedure offered by clinics in larger cities are higher compared to the ones in local suburbs.

How Much is the Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost Sydney?

The cost of removal of wisdom teeth Sydney varies from $150 to $375 for a single tooth and more for multiple teeth. However, at WISDOM TEETH REMOVAL Sydney Professionals, the cost of wisdom teeth removal will not exceed $970.

Dr Paulo Pinho has dedicated  his practice to providing low-cost dental procedures for patients who are looking for dental implants and wisdom teeth removal. This focused effort helps us provide the best dental service at an affordable price. In addition to this, the cost of initial consultation, X-rays, and aftercare may be added.

The cost of wisdom teeth varies depending on the patient’s needs and the complexity of the procedure. For a simple wisdom teeth removal Sydney, we will charge anywhere between $225 to $275, and the specialist fee for anaesthesia ranges between $320 and $375. When the procedure is done under general anaesthesia, this fee has a rebate of $250 from Medicare, and the patient ends up paying only $100 for the procedure.

Will Insurance Cover Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost Sydney?

If your wisdom teeth removal procedure is done because it’s medically necessary, certain insurance companies may cover a portion of the cost. Keep in mind, Medicare will cover wisdom teeth removal when you need to be hospitalised due to the complexity of the procedure. In other words, if the impacted teeth are not fully erupted and require additional procedures to remove the teeth and general anaesthesia is applied, you will be classed as an in-patient, and Medicare can cover a part of the wisdom teeth removal cost. You can also check whether the dental clinic you choose provides flexible payment options and discounts, which will have a positive impact on the overall cost of wisdom teeth removal Sydney.

Looking for cheap wisdom teeth removal Sydney? At WISDOM TEETH REMOVAL Sydney Professionals, we are committed to providing affordable wisdom teeth removal solutions without affecting the quality of your life. Our professionals not only assist you during the procedure but also provide aftercare assistance to help you fully recover from the surgery.

Call 1300 320 881 for affordable wisdom teeth removal Sydney.


Is Removal of Wisdom Teeth Necessary?

The extraction of wisdom teeth is necessary when they are prevented from properly erupting. They may grow sideways, partially emerge from the gum, and even remain trapped beneath the gum and bone. Impacted teeth can take many positions in the bone as they attempt to find a pathway that will allow them to erupt successfully.

We accept cash, checks, and major credit cards, as well as file insurance for you and maximize your benefits. We have an in office discount plan that entails a yearly fee and the patient receives two free cleanings, yearly x-rays, and more. We offer a monthly payment plan through care credit financing and also offer a cash discount when fees exceed a certain amount.

At Wisdom Teeth Day Surgery, patient we create treatment plans to the specifics of each patient’s exact medical needs and because those needs vary, it can be difficult to quote an exact price for any of our services before a thorough examination is given. So it’s better to book your initial consultation with us!

No. There is no need to have a referral for your first consultation. We offer a great facility for experienced dental surgeons and oral surgeons to perform wisdom teeth extractions with affordable pre-established fees for wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney.

The cost of wisdom teeth removal in Sydney depends upon a number of factors that can be discussed in detail with a surgeon. Book your consultation now! All bookings for initial $55 consultation can be easily made 24/7 ONLINE ONLY. Consultation takes around 30 minutes.

The cost of wisdom teeth removal in Sydney can vary depending on a few factors, such as the number of teeth being removed, the complexity of the procedure, and whether or not you have insurance. Generally speaking, the wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney starts at around $200 and can go up to $900 or more.

The surgeons in our Day Surgery charge from $225 to $375 for each wisdom teeth removal in Sydney. Max Price for removal of all four would be $970 ! As with any medical procedure, it’s best to ask your dentist for an estimate based on your individual needs.

If you’re considering getting your wisdom teeth removed, you may be wondering how much it will cost. In Sydney, the average cost of a tooth extraction is $200-$300. However, the exact cost will depend on a number of factors, including the severity of your case and whether or not you have insurance. Day Surgery’ wisdom teeth removal price Sydney starts from $225 to $375 for wisdom teeth removal. Plus, we also accept most of major Health insurance plans with a HICAPS terminal! You may also be eligible for other discounts or rebates if applicable.

The level of pain you experience during our cheap wisdom teeth removal in Sydney varies depending on the individual. Some people report feeling only minor discomfort, while others experience more intense pain. The majority of people fall somewhere in the middle, feeling some discomfort and soreness during and after the procedure. Local anaesthesia will be administered during the procedure to numb the area. After the procedure, pain is typically manageable with over-the-counter or prescription medication.

If you have an impacted wisdom tooth, it means that your tooth has not fully erupted through the gum line. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including if there isn’t enough room in your mouth for the tooth, if the tooth is positioned at an angle, or the gum tissue around the tooth is too thick. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause a variety of problems, including pain, infection, and damage to adjacent teeth. When these symptoms occur, we will recommend doing affordable wisdom teeth removal in Sydney by our dentists.

Wisdom teeth price Sydney can be anywhere from $225 to $375 per tooth, depending on whether you have insurance and whether you need sedation. The good news is that many insurance plans cover at least a portion of the cost. Removal of all four teeth should cost $970.

We have agreements with other surgeons who have enabled us to offer wisdom teeth consultation absolutely free of cost. We offer fees with our anaesthetists from $320 to $375. The special anaesthetist fee is eligible for a MEDICARE rebate of $250 so patients would end up paying as little as $100 for the procedure.

After an Affordable wisdom teeth removal in Sydney, most people recover in 3 to 4 days. The maximum period of recovery can be two weeks. Still, the recovery phase depends on the complexity of the extractions and the severity of the impacted teeth.

When the wisdom teeth erupt, they get exposed to food and bacteria, since they stay at the back of the teeth. This means, they are more vulnerable to tooth decay. Decayed wisdom teeth, will develop toothache, become abscessed and cause further pain and swelling. This will further result in swelling up of the lymph nodes, bad taste in your mouth, difficulty in opening jaw, and bad breath. Further extending to swelling in face and fever. It is not good to wait until this stage of tooth decay! Don’t wait till your face bulges out of pain, get your wisdom teeth removed today!  The wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney, ranges from $280 to $480 for a day surgery.

The most important factors that affect the cost of wisdom teeth removal in Sydney are –

The type of procedure – When a tooth is highly impacted, it would logically cost more for the extraction. It is because, it requires a surgery for the removal and it is not an “in the chair” procedure for the dentist.

Any special treatments – well, you should be prepared to pay a higher fee, if you are being referred to some specialist, as they might suggest different investigations and treatment plans.

Wisdom teeth removal depends on your jaw size and how well your wisdom tooth has developed.  Not every time arises the need for the removal of wisdom teeth. The best way to determine is to consult an approved dentist for a professional evaluation.

The dentist will usually review the dental history, take x-rays if necessary, inspect your mouth’s health and the condition of the impaction level of your wisdom teeth.

In case, if your dentist finds an issue with your wisdom teeth, he might recommend a surgery. The wisdom teeth removal Sydney cost is usually cheap and early removal is generally the best option to avoid any future issues.

Yes, it is better to have the wisdom tooth removed even before they cause any problems, especially during your late teens. It is the time, when the Wisdom teeth slowly begin to erupt.  At this stage, the bones in the teen’s mouth is less dense and softer than an older person, this offers increased flexibility to the bones making it easy to remove. Also, this is when the wisdom tooth slowly starts to develop, minimising the size of the surgical site, as there is very less bone to remove. Ultimately, the earlier you remove, you get a cheap wisdom teeth removal in Sydney.

Most people go ahead with wisdom teeth removal Sydney in their late teens or early twenties, before they cause problems. That’s because it’s easier to recover from surgery when you’re young and your bones are still growing. For the same reason, it’s better to remove them as soon as possible if they’re causing pain or discomfort.

If you’ve waited until now to see a dentist about your wisdom teeth removal (because the thought of going with surgery is scary), that’s okay too! Your oral surgeon will work with you on timing and other details of the procedure so that recovery time is as short as possible.

The average time required for wisdom teeth removal can be anywhere between two weeks and one month. For the jawbone to heal, it should about six weeks. However, this can vary depending on the individual. Some people experience very little pain and swelling, while others may have more discomfort. Recovery also depends on how many wisdom teeth are removed at once. Generally, the more wisdom teeth Sydney that are removed, the longer the recovery time will be. There are a few things you can do to help speed up the recovery process, such as eating soft foods, using an ice pack, and taking pain medication as needed.

Wisdom teeth removal Sydney is a surgical procedure, so it’s important to follow your dentist or oral surgeon’s instructions for post-operative care. This usually includes avoiding hard, crunchy, or sticky foods for at least 24 hours after the procedure. For some people this may be longer, depending on how much swelling and discomfort they experience following surgery.

Most people will be able to resume eating soft foods within 48 hours of wisdom tooth extraction. A good rule of thumb is that if you can chew without pain, then you can eat. If there’s any difficulty chewing or swallowing food then it’s best to wait another day before resuming solid food intake.

Yes, you can brush your teeth after wisdom teeth removal! In fact, it’s important to brush regularly to prevent infection and speed up healing. Just be careful not to brush too hard or disturb the surgical site. And be sure to talk to your dentist or oral surgeon about when it’s okay to start using mouthwash again.

Be sure to use a soft-bristled toothbrush and avoid the extraction site when brushing. If you have any questions or concerns relating to recovery or wisdom teeth removal cost, don’t hesitate to ask the dentist or oral surgeon.


The most common side effect of affordable wisdom teeth removal in Sydney is pain and swelling in the gums. This is usually controlled with over-the-counter pain medication, ice packs, and/or salt water rinses. Other potential side effects include: bruising, bleeding, dry socket (when the blood clot that forms in the socket after surgery dissolves), and infection. Most side effects are minor and go away within a week or two.