Wisdom Teeth Removal during Pregnancy – Key Things to Know!

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Wisdom Teeth Removal during Pregnancy – Key Things to Know!

Teeth Removal during Pregnancy

A dental emergency can occur at any point in time and during pregnancy too. Pregnancy involves intense hormonal changes that could impact several functions of the body and dental health is certainly one among them. If an infected wisdom tooth causes pain and discomfort during pregnancy, it is important to not ignore it.

Wisdom teeth removal in Sydney is possible for pregnant women too. However, certain doubts linger around the area irrespective of the vast medical advancement. Read on to find answers for the common queries about wisdom teeth removal in pregnant women.

1. Why are pregnant women more prone to wisdom tooth troubles?

Hormonal change in pregnant woman causes dental issues like swollen gums and bleeding. This in turn affects the wisdom teeth leading to pain and discomfort. Pregnant women who do not practice a proper oral hygiene routine therefore have higher chances of suffering from infected wisdom teeth pain. In most cases, the problem already exists in the patient and pregnancy simply aggravates the issue.

2. How can wisdom teeth pain be treated during pregnancy?

Wisdom teeth removal in Sydney may be the only choice if the pain gets out of control. In some cases, the dentist may recommend waiting till the end of pregnancy period. In such cases, oral irrigation is used to mellow down the inflammation and pain killers may be administered. Self-medication during pregnancy must be avoided and any drugs taken for treating tooth pain must be consumed only after due consultation with the gynaecologist.

3. When is the best time for wisdom teeth removal?

Sydney-based wisdom teeth removal centres suggest surgery only when it is absolutely necessary. In most cases, the first trimester is not recommended as this stage involves maximum foetal development. Wisdom teeth removal can be done safely during the second trimester. During the third trimester it is almost impossible for a fully pregnant woman to go through the pressure of wisdom tooth extraction. Also, lying down in the flat position for a prolonged period and handling the anxiety of the removal process can affect the overall health of the patient. Also, the pressure that is being laid on the veins can result in serious consequences including blood circulation blockage in the heart.

4. Do dentists practice any special instructions during tooth removal in pregnant women?

Dentists take care to administer the minimal amount of anaesthesia to the patient. Special shields are used while taking dental x-rays. Medications that are 100% safe and risk-free are chosen for the patient. If there is chance of a potential risk, the dentist would recommend postponing the process to after childbirth.

In short, wisdom teeth removal in Sydney can be performed safely in pregnant women too but must be controlled with the right measures and a reliable dentist.