Are your wisdom teeth impacted?

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Are your wisdom teeth impacted?

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Wisdom teeth also referred to as the third molar, decease are present right at the end of the jaw bone. Since the wisdom teeth are located at a point where the jawbone begins to angle, the teeth are unable to erupt out completely. As a result, they grow at an abnormal angel and tend to push the other normal teeth too. This is called impaction and the wisdom teeth are referred to as impacted wisdom teeth.

Impacted wisdom teeth can cause severe pain and infection and in this case wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney is also higher. Read on to find out more facts about impacted wisdom teeth.

What happens when the wisdom teeth are impacted?

Impacted wisdom teeth can push all the other normal teeth to different directions and mess up the entire dental arrangement. It can rub against the adjacent tooth and cause damage and erosive cavities too. Impacted wisdom tooth traps food particles easily and cleaning them is very hard. As a result, food residue in the teeth leads to severe infection and pain in the patient. Patients, who are suffering from constant issues with their wisdom teeth, must have a check-up scheduled without delay.

How does impaction affect the cost of wisdom teeth removal?

Generally, wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney would cost the same as any normal tooth extraction. But with the increased number of complexities, the cost soars high. In the case of an impacted wisdom tooth, the cost varies based on the level of impaction, severity of the condition and location of the dentist. Generally, experts recommend patients to avail the treatment as early as possible and this can possible lower the cost of wisdom teeth removal in Sydney.

What are the different stages of impaction in the wisdom tooth?

A wisdom tooth may be soft tissue impacted (a significant amount of soft tissue is still laid on the tooth) or partially impacted (a part of its crown is enclosed within the jawbone) or fully impacted into the jawbone. The fully impacted case is the most complex of all and costs involved are highest for this type of impaction. In this case, an extensive oral surgery is performed where the tooth is cut into four pieces and each piece is removed individually.

What are the important steps involved in the removal of an impacted wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth removal is always performed under the influence of a local anaesthetic. Once numbness sets in, then a small incision is made to expose the tooth. If there is an obstructing bone, then bone removal is performed and following this the impacted tooth is removed either as a whole or in parts. The incision is stitched back and gauze is used to seal blood.

Impacted wisdom tooth must never be ignored as it can only lead to more serious issues. Find a source for affordable wisdom teeth removal in Sydney and have yours removed without delay.