When is Wisdom Teeth Removal Necessary?

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When is Wisdom Teeth Removal Necessary?

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Your dentist suggests wisdom teeth removal for you. But they don’t hurt, so why remove them? There are so many reasons for your dentist to recommend you to get wisdom teeth removed. Preventive treatment is also one among the reasons why they are removed. Your dentist can see and examine your mouth better than you do. This may be the reason why he suggests removal even before you feel them. These days’ oral surgeries for wisdom teeth removal have become a standard procedure which is almost a rite of passage for adults. Here are some details about wisdom teeth to help you know when wisdom teeth removal becomes necessary.

Are wisdom teeth removed as preventive care?

Yes, just because your wisdom teeth are not the source of pain it doesn’t mean there is nothing wrong. There are chances these teeth could be impacted or stuck. This means they cannot break through your jaw and into your mouth like other healthy teeth.

Maybe your mouth is very small to accommodate them, or the teeth could be growing at different angles to other teeth. In such cases, they can damage the adjacent teeth if they push up against it. Some dentist also suggests removal of healthy wisdom teeth to prevent problems later on. As you age, your jaw bones can get harder making your teeth hard to remove.

Waiting for it to emerge can result in some problems after surgery which ranges from heavy bleeding, fractured teeth to severe numbness. There are chances for minor loss of movement in the jaw which may last for a few days or a lifetime.

When is wisdom teeth removal needed?

Wisdom teeth suggested for removal can be evaluated by taking X-rays if they might cause issues down the line.

Other good reasons to remove them include:

Damage to other teeth:

Wisdom teeth are nothing but an extra set of molars which can push your adjacent teeth causing problems like mouth pain.

Jaw damage:

There are chances of cyst formation around the new teeth. If they are left untreated, they can hollow out your jaw damaging the nerves below.

Sinus problems:

Wisdom teeth can also lead to sinus pressure, pain and congestion.


The space between the gums and the teeth can create pockets that support bacteria and cavity formation.

Alignment problems:

An impacted wisdom tooth can cause crowding of other teeth which can make orthodontic treatment a necessity.

Your dentist will check that the shape of your mouth and the position of your erupting wisdom tooth to make a final decision. Not to forget, your age also plays a significant role.

Still not ready to get wisdom teeth removal? You can ask your dentist to explain what he sees with your teeth. Also, if the amount you spend is your concern, wisdom teeth removal cost is very affordable. In some cases, you can wait for months to see if things changes before your dentist make the final decision. However, if you have noticeable swelling or pain or bad mouth odour, near the wisdom teeth site, it might be the time for wisdom teeth removal!