What should teens expect with Wisdom Teeth Removal?

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What should teens expect with Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Wisdom Teeth removal for teens

Wisdom teeth erupt and show up on dental x-rays when you are in your teens. However, you will begin to feel these molars only after they push up against your back gums. This is why your dentist will start examining your wisdom teeth area with your general checks up as soon as you reach your teens. Wisdom teeth sometimes cause swelling, cavities, pain or gum disease usually because:

They are impacted:

As they sit at the far back of your mouth, there are chances wisdom teeth can get trapped in your gums or jaw bone. This can be very painful.

They come in at wrong angles:

Wisdom teeth which do not erupt straight can press against your other teeth resulting in changes in your bite and pain.

Your mouth is not big enough:

If your jaw has no room for the extra set of molars to erupt they grow impacted.

You have gum disease or cavities:

Located at the farthest end of the mouth, wisdom teeth are tough to reach to brush and floss.

Many people get affordable wisdom teeth removal between the ages 17 to 25. Oral surgeons are the specialised dentists who are qualified for the wisdom teeth surgery. Wisdom teeth removal is an easy and simple procedure. The healing phase will also go very smooth if you follow the aftercare instructions given by your dentist carefully.

What should teens expect with wisdom teeth removal?

Before surgery:

You will have an initial consultation with your oral surgeon to talk about the surgical procedure. Use this time to:

  • List the medications you are taking
  • List the medications you are allergic to
  • Discuss any health problems you have
  • Ask questions including the wisdom teeth removal cost
  • Also, discuss the type of anaesthesia you will receive before the procedure

During surgery:

Wisdom teeth removal surgery should take around 45 minutes or less. Do not forget to bring your caregiver to drive you back home as you will feel numb for some hours after the procedure.

On the day of the procedure, your dentist will admit a dosage of anaesthesia to numb the surgical site, however, if you are very anxious about the procedure you can choose to have general anaesthesia or sleep dentistry.

Once you feel completely numb, the dentist will make a small incision in the sites of wisdom teeth to reach the root of the teeth. In rare cases, a small portion of the bone covering the tooth root might be removed to extract the wisdom teeth, and it’s root completely.

Once he removes the tooth, he will suture the site to stop bleeding and promote clotting of blood.

After surgery:

Take some time off to work or school to have your surgery. You should take complete rest for at least for one day after surgery. Most people have no or only a little pain after the procedure. It may take a few days for you to feel back to normal. However, you can go back to work or school in a day or two.

When it comes to the cost of wisdom teeth removal, it is highly affordable. Visit your dentist now and get your wisdom teeth removed to flaunt a healthy smile.