Symptoms of Wisdom Teeth Infections

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Symptoms of Wisdom Teeth Infections

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Got pain in the back of your mouth? Tried to clean it as effective as you can to remove cavities to prevent pain? But still feel the same pain? Then you must consult your dentist as soon as possible. This might be due to wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth also referred as third molars erupt in the back of the jaw. Sometimes, it lacks enough space to erupt and causes pain. And prolonged pain might be a reason of wisdom teeth infections.

If you are phobic to wisdom teeth removal in Sydney, get knowledge on wisdom teeth infections and know why should go for it. Keep reading…

Wisdom Teeth Symptoms

There are nearly three types of wisdom teeth symptoms including mild, moderate and severe. All these are highly noticeable and you should contact your dentist immediately to avoid future problems.

  • Mild Symptoms: This causes toothache or occasional swelling gum tissue around the tooth causing pericoronitis. Try to reduce the pain using mouthwash that contains chlorhexidine for two weeks.
  • Moderate Symptoms: Includes toothache or swollen gums around the teeth causing pericoronitis, pulpitis or caries.
  • Severe Symptoms: This is the worst symptom of wisdom teeth. Symptoms include bad taste, severe swelling, swollen throat and difficulty opening the mouth.

If you feel these symptoms for a prolonged time, then you are a victim of partially erupted wisdom teeth. Ignoring these problems and bearing the pain can lead to infections that might affect you very badly. So, better remove the teeth than to be sorry. Affordable wisdom teeth removal is simple process that needs just two hours from your busy schedule. After wisdom teeth you might feel relaxed but sometimes experience little discomforts which might be an infection in its sense.


Mild fever is a sign of infection. According to dentists, fever is a way that your body fights an infection. Most infection causing bacteria are killed by increasing the body temperature higher than 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. If you think, you’ve an infection, take your temperature and check for surety.


Tenderness indirectly represents infections but this doesn’t represent that you might have infection in the spot of surgery. If you experience severe pain in the area, it might result in dry socket extending the pain up to your jawline towards the ear. At this time, you must seek help of dentist for antibiotics to fight.

Pus Discharge

If an open wound on your skin can form pus then the opening created by wisdom teeth can also. A yellow or white discharge or pus might be a result of infection.

All these conditions need immediate attention. So, note down all the points and be safe.