Know the Costs Involved in Wisdom Teeth Extraction

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Know the Costs Involved in Wisdom Teeth Extraction

wisdom teeth removal in Sydney

The cost of dental care in Australia is high. You tend to incur out of pocket expenses since most of the dental costs are not covered under Medicare. You need to have some kind of private health insurance to get more coverage for dental issues.

Costs of Wisdom Teeth Removal

The costs of wisdom teeth removal in Sydney vary depending on the complexity of the procedure. If the removal is straightforward, it may not lead to heavy costs since they can be performed in a general dentist clinic. The average price for simple cases is around $130-$200 per tooth.

However, if the situation demands complicated extraction where the services of wisdom tooth dentist and anaesthetist are required, the costs may go up $290 to $400 per tooth.

Consultation Charges

The consultation charges usually range between $40 to $60 and X-ray costs between $40 to $80. Wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney varies and depending on the complexity.

Factors Affecting Costs

The costs are generally affected depending upon the extraction type. If the teeth have suffered an impact, it may cost more since it requires surgery. The choice of dentist also determines your bill since each dentist may charge differently for their services. There’s no regulation on the costs for dental work so you should choose the best dentist after proper research.

Your health insurance helps you reduce the costs if it covers dental procedures. Do proper research and choose an insurance plan with care to minimise the costs. Being knowledgeable about the process helps you to be at peace and embrace the pain much more calmly and in a composed manner.