How Do You Clean Partially Erupted Wisdom Teeth?

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How Do You Clean Partially Erupted Wisdom Teeth?

Partially Erupted Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth, the third set of molars develop towards the back of your mouth. Usually, they don’t have enough room to grow, and they erupt only partially from your gums. Since the wisdom teeth are located at the back, it is tough to clean the wisdom tooth and they will be easily prone to gum diseases. Especially when you have partially erupted wisdom teeth, and you are waiting for an affordable cost of wisdom teeth removal, it is essential to keep them clean to control infection.

  • Use a narrow-headed tooth-brush

It is easy to clean your partially erupted wisdom teeth with a narrow-headed toothbrush. It can reach the area which your regular toothbrush cannot get into. But, make sure to brush twice a day, and after every meal to avoid the build-up of any debris in your wisdom tooth.

  1. Especially clean the area under the skin, which is hindering your wisdom tooth. If you neglect this, you might have to expect a wisdom teeth removal cost.
  2. Brush your teeth in circular motions.
  3. Clean your tongue to prevent the debris from entering your gums.
  4. Always use toothpaste with fluoride content for ideal cleaning.
  • Floss Daily

Flossing helps to take out any food that is stuck between your teeth. Hence, always floss around your wisdom teeth to clear up any debris that has got collected around the teeth and in the inner part of the gums.

  1. When you floss, make sure to take a floss of at least 18 inches, wrap it around your index fingers and clean precisely.
  2. Handle the floss gently, while flossing between the teeth.
  3. Stroke on the sides of the tooth in an upward and downward motion.
  4. Floss has fluoride content in it, so floss before brushing your teeth, as it will help remove all debris effectively.
  • Rinse your mouth

Rinse your mouth with clean water and antiseptic mouth wash. This will bring down the build-up of plaque and gingivitis. Swishing mouthwash will also help tidy up any food particles or germs that are present within the teeth. Rinse regularly, as it will help avoid any infections and avoid any extra expenses on the wisdom teeth removal cost.

  • Always keep your mouth moist and hydrated

Drink loads of water throughout the day to stay hydrated and to maintain your mouth in a moist manner. This will help bring down the production of bacteria and prevent any infection.

  • Visit the dentist regularly

It is wise to visit your dentist once in every six months. Let your dentist know if you are experiencing any pain in your wisdom teeth area. Your dentist will advise if you should opt for cheap wisdom teeth removal, to avoid the risk of damaging other teeth.

Hopefully, this article has made it easier for you to understand on how to clean your partially erupted teeth. However, there are a number of other side effects which might cause a negative impact on your oral health. So, discuss with your dentist, straightway!