Common Myths and Misconceptions about Wisdom Teeth Extraction

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Common Myths and Misconceptions about Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom Teeth Removal

It is no wonder the internet is the best source to search for wisdom teeth removal in Sydney.  But you can’t deny the fact that it also equally provides a lot of false information, especially about wisdom teeth extraction. Not two patients are the same, so does the wisdom teeth extraction. The experience differs from one patient from another. You shouldn’t be steered in the wrong direction since you have heard the horror stories of other patients. Of course, you would be curious to know about the extraction. Whether it is about the extraction procedure or Wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney, it is of utmost importance of knowing and understanding the right information.

There are so many common myths that surround wisdom teeth on the internet that prevents patients from getting the treatment. In this blog, we have debunked common myths about cheap wisdom teeth removal in Sydney.

Here are the most common misconceptions about wisdom teeth removal:-

The wisdom teeth extraction is painful

When it comes to dental procedure, a lot of people experience anxiety. Dental fear is one of the significant reasons why many avoid wisdom teeth removal. But, the fact is, ignoring wisdom teeth can lead to a lot of dental issues, including dental decay, teeth crowding, shifting, and gum infection. The wisdom teeth removal is carried under anaesthesia, so you don’t have to be scared. A lot of sedation options are there which you can choose to keep you calm and relaxed during the procedure. Of course, you would be awake, but do not experience any pain.

You’ll have to remove all four wisdom teeth

This is another common myth that everyone has to remove all four wisdom teeth. Of course, it is possible, but not everyone. The fact is, not everyone will develop four wisdom teeth. Some may have all four wisdom teeth, while others get one or don’t at all. There are other cases where they may grow in all four and not have any issues. You can have all your wisdom teeth if they are healthy and do not trouble surrounding teeth. Your dentist is the right person to determine whether you need to pull them out or not.

Pain with wisdom teeth is normal and can be ignored

Of course, pain and discomfort are normal when a wisdom tooth attempts to erupt through the gums. But, that doesn’t mean you have to ignore it. While some experience pain, others don’t get any pain. Often, wisdom teeth become impacted when they are trapped under the gums. So, they don’t cause any pain. But, they can lead to dental issues when ignored. By the time you realise your wisdom teeth is impacted, it would have taken a toll on your other adjacent teeth.

Wisdom teeth removal cost is high

The Wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney depends on several factors, including a number of teeth removed, the complexity of the procedure, and anaesthesia. Some dental clinics offer discounts if all four teeth are removed in a single appointment.