Can Wisdom Teeth Impact Your Oral Health? Here’s What You Need to Know

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Can Wisdom Teeth Impact Your Oral Health? Here’s What You Need to Know

Wisdom Teeth Removal

You may think wisdom teeth are going to give you lots of wisdom. Unfortunately, wisdom teeth don’t bring you bouts of wisdom teeth. Instead, they will take a toll on your oral health. That said, you could keep them if they are healthy and don’t cause any trouble to your other healthy teeth.

Whether you are ready for wisdom teeth removal Sydney or trying to figure out what are they and why they are problematic, this blog will help you understand how they could impact your life.

What are wisdom teeth, and why are they called as such?

Wisdom teeth are the last set of molars that emerge in the late teens and early twenties. So, it is believed that this is about the same time an individual reaches adulthood which marks the point of maturity when people are wiser. That’s why they are called as wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth were helpful to our ancestors as they followed a diet that is hard to bite and chew like raw meat and vegetables. Over time, when they lose a tooth, these wisdom teeth were helpful. But, today, we eat cooked food that is easy to bite, chew, and digest. Moreover, compared to our ancestor’s jaw size, our jaw size is small. That’s our jaw couldn’t accommodate the third molars.

Not everybody has wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth development is a genetic and not everyone carries the genes for them. In fact, many people don’t have wisdom teeth. Yes, while some may have all four wisdom teeth, others may have one or two or don’t develop at all. So, it’s not necessary that everybody should have wisdom teeth.

How wisdom teeth impact your oral health?

Wisdom teeth can become troublesome and cause a lot of dental problems if not treated on time. That’s why most of the dental professional recommend wisdom teeth removal Sydney. In fact, wisdom teeth extraction is a preventive measure in order to prevent your other healthy teeth.

Some of the common dental problems that can occur with the growth of wisdom teeth include:

Gum disease

If a wisdom tooth is erupted partially, it can be difficult to keep them clean. The food particles can get caught in the gaps created partially erupted wisdom teeth. The bacteria can seep through the gaps and infect the gum tissues around the gum tissues, which eventually lead to discomfort, swelling, and pain. If gum disease is not treated, you may lose the tooth.

Tooth decay

Since they are located at the far back in your mouth, maintaining them is difficult and results in tooth decay which can lead to pulpitis where the bacteria reach and affect the dental pulp. If untreated, you will lose a tooth.


Often, wisdom teeth don’t get enough space on the jawline. So, when they try to erupt, they can get stuck under the gum line. This condition is called impaction. An impacted wisdom tooth can result in inflammation, discomfort, pain, and potentially dangerous infections. There are four types of wisdom teeth impaction which affects the Wisdom Teeth Price Sydney.

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