Wisdom Tooth Extraction – Advice on What to Eat

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Wisdom Tooth Extraction – Advice on What to Eat


Do you know nearly 90% of people have at least one of their third molars removed at some point in their life? Many even prefer to take all the four to prevent future dental problems. Pulling out teeth is painful and healing, cheapest however takes at least two weeks if all goes well. Even after having all the prescribed medicine from your oral surgeon, ed you must follow a diet that can help in quick recovery. Here are the foods which you should have for the first two weeks after wisdom teeth removal in Sydney, read now:

Mashed Potatoes

An easy to eat food can be topped with gravy, sour cream or butter to taste in a variety of forms. Go with well smashed potatoes that are one of the easiest foods to have after wisdom teeth removal. You can also go with sweet potatoes.

Creamy Green Smoothies

Smoothies are easy and quick ways to get plenty of nutrition when you can’t have solid foods to get all those nutrition and vitamins. You can make smoothies of zucchini, apples and broccoli.


Yoghurt with a smooth consistency is ideal to have after wisdom teeth removal. Go with yoghurt flavoured with lemon and strawberry that provides essential nutrients. And avoid yoghurt with nuts to prevent chewing while eating.

Ice Cream

This cool confection promotes a quicker healing process by soothing the inflamed tissue. Even though, you want to taste the deluxe dessert option, avoid having cones. The crunch makes you chew and sometimes the small bits get lodged in the extraction site which may result irritation or infection.


These are very small star shaped noodles that are normally sold in a small box at grocery stores. They are easy to eat for lunch and taste good with butter on them.


These help you avoid boredom while eating and are available in many flavours. Moreover, its short preparation time and smooth texture makes it easy to eat.


Soup is one of the best foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal in Sydney, and they are a great source of added nutrition. Avoid large vegetable chunks in soups and choose cream of celery, chicken noodle, tomato bisque etc.

Scrambled Eggs

This soft, easy to chew and tasty option provides the much needed proteins for your body.


Instant cream of wheat with oats is considered a healthy option and is slightly easier to eat when compared to fruit mixed oatmeal.

Other foods that you can have are pancakes, fish, canned fruit, beans and similar foods that are soft and easy to consume. So, along with the medication have food that are healthier and soft to chew, and make your wisdom teeth removal in Sydney pain free.