Wisdom Teeth Removal is More Than Just Taking out Your Teeth!

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Wisdom Teeth Removal is More Than Just Taking out Your Teeth!

Wisdom Teeth Removal

When talking about wisdom teeth, most of us know what it is and when it develops. And most of us will also have heard from our dentist to get the third molars or wisdom teeth pulled out. We sometimes think why to remove a tooth when it doesn’t do any harm or cause any pain? But, when it comes to impacted wisdom teeth, preventive care is always better than waiting for a problem to occur. Impacted wisdom teeth cannot be predicted, but it may cause pain, infection, swelling or other irreversible damage to the surrounding structures of the mouth.

Why Should Wisdom Teeth be Removed as soon as the Dentist Suggests?

There are so many problems that will arise with an impacted wisdom tooth. According to dentists, it is better to undergo wisdom teeth removal Sydney before you experience serious problems.

Wisdom teeth, when left to ‘wait and see’ approach, often has resulted in many other complications, ending to be hard to remove and also result in slower and more painful healing. When your dentist examines you and finds the third molar that looks like they will become impacted, he will suggest you for affordable wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney. It is usually removed between the ages 16 and 21, because at this stage the wisdom teeth are only partially formed and also the encasing jawbone will be soft making them easier to remove. This will aid in shorter and more comfortable recovery period.

What is a Fully Impacted Wisdom Tooth?

Impacted wisdom teeth are the ones that are fully grown and buried deep within the jaw with a risk that their roots may be wrapped around the major nerve structures.

Removing these wisdom teeth Sydney requires a delicate procedure ensuring the nerves are not harmed.

What are the Damages an Impacted Wisdom Tooth can Result

Impacted wisdom teeth can result in many other damages to one’s health conditions including:

  1. Damage to the Adjacent Teeth: an impacted wisdom tooth is pushed up so tightly against the adjacent molars due to lack of space for them to grow. As a result, they end up creating a space that is impossible to keep free of food debris and bacteria which will eventually result in chronic inflammation in the areas between the teeth. This also may lead to gum disease and tooth decay.
  2. Increased Risk of Fracture to the Jawbone: Are you dazed? An impacted wisdom tooth can increase the risk of fracture to the angles of the jaw as a result of minor knock during sports or other activities.
  3. Increased Risk of Complications: An impacted wisdom tooth that has fully grown gets more complicated to remove than the one that is partially formed. They get completely encased in bones with roots that have grown down running through the jaw and around major anatomical structures and nerves. For removing the fully impacted wisdom teeth, a substantial amount of bone also has to be taken out requiring bone grafting to recreate the strength of jawbone.

It is always good to have wisdom teeth removal Sydney when your doctor suggests. Go ahead it’s a simple and common procedure!