Wisdom Teeth Removal – A Dentist or an Oral Surgeon

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Wisdom Teeth Removal – A Dentist or an Oral Surgeon

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We often think, view “To have my wisdom teeth removed, which dentist should I go? Whether it’s a general dentist or a cosmetic dentist or a periodontist or an oral surgeon?” All the 4 options are good. But consulting an oral surgeon is the best when it comes to wisdom teeth removal.

Oral surgeons, also known as maxillofacial surgeons, are true surgical specialists in the general field of dentistry. After completing four (4) years of dental school, oral surgeons must undergo a demanding hospital-based maxillofacial residency, lasting a minimum of four (4) years. During this training period, these oral surgeons in Sydney learn how to operate on the mouths and jaws of patients, and often work in collaboration with other dentists, surgeons, anaesthesiologists, and orthodontists.

Three Common Conditions Treated by Oral Surgeons:

Tooth Replacement or Dental Implants: The Best Oral Surgeons in Sydney are highly experienced and skilled in the placement of dental implants, replacement teeth that look, feel, and function much like the real ones.

Wisdom Tooth Removal: An oral surgeon’s training allows them to make an informed judgment on whether a tooth needs to come out and, if so, the safest and most effective way to perform the extraction.

Jaw Surgery: There are many disorders of the jaw that require surgical repair including unequal bone growth, problems with the temperomandibular joint (TMJ), and repair after traumatic injury. Oral surgeons, who specialize in jaw surgery, are the “go-to” for surgical disorders of the jaw.

Choosing an Oral Surgeon:

When selecting an oral surgeon, key questions to consider include:

How long has the oral surgeon been in practice? Ideally you want to select and be referred to an oral surgeon who has built a successful dental practice through years of experience. The more procedures an oral surgeon has performed, the more experience and expertise he or she can offer you.

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