Wisdom Teeth Pre-Surgery Preparations and Recovery Process

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Wisdom Teeth Pre-Surgery Preparations and Recovery Process

Wisdom Teeth Pre-Surgery


The wisdom teeth removal is a serious surgical procedure. Pre-Surgery Preparations and Post-operative care is very important for the patients who undergo wisdom teeth removal. You can read on to the following to know more about Pre-Surgery Preparations and recovery process


The need for the wisdom teeth procedure will come out if a routine checkup is done every six months. The oral surgeon or the dentist can evaluate your teeth to determine if you have any impacted wisdom teeth or if any another condition is causing you the wisdom teeth problems. After evaluation, the dentist will fix an appointment for affordable wisdom teeth removal Sydney.  Such evaluations usually include:

  • Questioning about your dental symptoms and general health
  • An examination of your teeth and gums condition
  • Dental X-rays will be taken to reveal the presence of impacted teeth, as well as signs of damage to teeth or bone

Pre-Surgery Preparations

You have to stop eating the night before your surgery. You will be allowed to take only liquids until three hours before the wisdom teeth removal process. Since solid foods would be a problem with a bloody mouth full of stitches.

And also when it comes to clothing, the wisdom teeth removal experts in Sydney suggest wearing loose clothes in which you feel comfortable.

The Day of the Surgery

You will be examined again by the dentist on the day of surgery and then they will explain the surgery procedures to you. Then you will be taken to the operating room where anesthesiologist will inject anesthesia, so that you won’t feel that you are undergoing cheap wisdom teeth removal Sydney.


For the next week, it’s better to rinse your mouth with salt water at least once every hour. You can use regular table salt and tap water that can be swished around and then spit out after a few seconds. After a week, you will be back to normal and the stitches will be intact. You can fix an appointment with your oral surgeon to have them cut out.

Complications of wisdom tooth extraction or surgery include the nerve damage occurring in the jawbone which can cause numbness in the bottom lip. This is more common in older patients. So it is better to have your wisdom teeth removed between the ages of 16 and 22. Some people wait till their 50’s to have the procedure done. By this time, complications get sever and the procedure cannot be done sooner.


Once your wisdom teeth are removed, your dentist will continue to tweak things with your props, while you heal up. The wisdom teeth removal itself isn’t a big deal at all and other than being a little sore and swollen for a week. It’s a small bump in the road on the path to your new bite and smile!