Wisdom Teeth – Why they must be removed

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Wisdom Teeth – Why they must be removed

wisdom teeth removal

Millions of people undergo wisdom teeth removal procedure, which is also known as the removal of third molars. But the reason behind why they are being removed is because of the pain and the chances of infection that might follow after the development of impacted wisdom tooth.

Wisdom teeth pose significant health risks that cannot be left unattended. Here’s a summary of some of the concerns that arises in association with wisdom teeth.

  1. In most cases, wisdom teeth are often impacted. A wisdom tooth gets impacted when it doesn’t have enough room to develop and function, due to which it causes pains, infections and sometimes damage to the adjacent tooth. Formation of cysts or tumours might also require major oral surgeries as well.
  1. When wisdom teeth erupt, it might be difficult to maintain and keep them clean. The result? It becomes a favourite spot for bacteria to develop thus leading to diseases such as tooth decay and gum diseases. According to research, it is discovered that gum disease occur around the wisdom teeth at first, before it occurs elsewhere in the mouth.
  1. The presence of wisdom teeth can stimulate the development of chronic gum inflammation which could lead to vascular disease, heart disease, stroke and diabetes. This is also found to develop risks in pregnant women.
  1. Wisdom teeth not just cause damage to adjacent teeth, but it also shifts their position too. While there are some studies that contradict this case, wisdom tooth is one of the reasons worth considering.

Why Wisdom Teeth must be removed?

When there’s no doubt that wisdom teeth is beginning to concern you, that’s the time you’ve got to remove them. The said time can be anywhere between 13 and 20 years of age. However, not all wisdom teeth are supposed to be removed. Wisdom teeth removal is applicable only when they’re impacted and begin to cause problems.

Who would remove your wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth will be removed with the help of a dentist, obviously. Wisdom teeth removal is a quick and easy procedure and is also performed by a trained oral surgeon as well. Most patients can return to their usual routine within a few days after the surgical procedure is done with.

Choose your Surgeon Wisely

Wisdom teeth removal procedure shall be performed by a specialist or a dentist, but it is always wise to ask the experience and certification of the dentist/surgeon before committing yourself to the procedure. Schedule an appointment and clarify every kind of doubts you have about the process.

When a wisdom tooth creates problems, it has to be removed at the earliest possible time. Consult a proficient dentist or an oral surgeon today and avail affordable wisdom teeth removal procedure.