Wisdom Teeth – Here Are Some Common Myths Debunked About it

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Wisdom Teeth – Here Are Some Common Myths Debunked About it

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Most people will encounter wisdom teeth problems. Wisdom teeth will be a trouble only when it is impacted and affects the neighbouring teeth, because it leads to pain, discomfort and infection. There are different reasons why wisdom teeth have to be removed and when it becomes absolutely necessary for the same. However, there have been several misconceptions about wisdom teeth removal in Sydney and its procedure. Take a look at this list of popular myths you need to know:

Myth 1:  Wisdom Teeth Should Always Be Removed

Fact: This is absolutely not true. Removal of wisdom teeth is essential only when it is infected, as stated before. Not everyone would have to go through the procedure. If the erupted wisdom teeth have aligned well and healthy, you don’t have to remove it. On the other hand, if the wisdom teeth erupted is impacting your surrounding teeth, your dentist will advise you to have it removed. When wisdom teeth are impacted, it can cause unbearable pain. So, if you are doubtful as to when you need to remove your wisdom teeth, it all goes down to your condition. Consult with your professional for assistance.

Myth 2: Wisdom Teeth Isn’t Useful

Fact: Wisdom teeth that erupt will have the same importance and purpose as the other teeth. Wisdom teeth allows for better and easier chewing. It is believed that in the ancient times, our ancestors needed wisdom teeth for chewing hard and rough foods. Our diet in the recent times has become softer and easier to consume than ever before, thus reducing the necessity for wisdom teeth. Therefore, several biologists suggest that wisdom teeth have become less and less useful over the years.

Myth 3:  There Are 4 Wisdom Teeth Present in Everyone

Fact: One of the common myths about wisdom teeth is that everybody has four of them. In reality, only certain people will have two or three wisdom teeth, whereas certain others will not have it at all.

Myth 4: Wisdom Teeth Removal is a Dangerous Procedure

Fact: Even though wisdom teeth removal is considered as a surgical procedure and surgeries involve some risks, the procedure is completely safe. Wisdom teeth removal has become a common procedure adopted by several dental professionals, and experienced surgeons have made it possible to reduce risks and prevent any complications. Talk to your dental professional about the problems that you are facing right now and they will help you out with affordable wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney.

Myth 5: Everyone Must Remove Wisdom Teeth As Soon As Possible

Fact: As mentioned earlier, wisdom teeth in Sydney don’t have to be removed if it isn’t causing any problem, regardless of your age.

These are some of the common myths about wisdom teeth and wisdom teeth removal.  If you experience pain or discomfort due to wisdom teeth, make no second thought in consulting a dental specialist.