Why is it Recommended to Get an Early Wisdom Teeth Surgery?

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Why is it Recommended to Get an Early Wisdom Teeth Surgery?

Wisdom Teeth Surgery

Wisdom teeth usually erupt in the ages between 17 and 21. Just like teenagers, they can cause a little trouble. An impacted wisdom tooth can several dental problems like tooth decay, teeth crowding, gum disease, etc.

So, should your wisdom teeth be extracted early? Well, this blog on wisdom teeth removal will tell you more.

For many, the answer to the question is “yes” wisdom teeth need to be removed early. However, there are a few lucky persons who get to retain their third molars. Consulting your dentist is the only way to know whether wisdom teeth removal in Sydney is necessary or not.

The dentist will take an x-ray and visually examine your mouth to determine whether or not the wisdom teeth will be able to emerge completely without damaging surrounding teeth.

If your dentist determines with the tests that you are likely to experience the complications of an impacted wisdom tooth, he recommends for a wisdom teeth extraction to make sure you maintain the optimum level of oral health. When your dentist advises you to remove your wisdom teeth, don’t forget to inquire about the wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney.

Don’t Panic!

We all anticipate that moment – sitting in the dentist’s office when he suggests for wisdom teeth removal surgery. Do not panic; you are not the only one who is going to pull your wisdom teeth out. Wisdom teeth removal is a common procedure, and it is a painless surgery.

Do not listen to the horror stories of chipmunk face, bleeding, scary pain medications, and the dreaded syringe from the people who have already taken out their wisdom teeth. Modern dentistry has paved the way to get dental procedures without any pain and discomfort. Yes, sedation dentistry is a boon! Speak with your dentist about your sedation dentistry options during your next visit.

Why are wisdom teeth removed?

Wisdom teeth are not removed unless they cause damages to other surrounding teeth. The following are the three main reasons a dentist will recommend for wisdom teeth removal:

  • Impaction: when a wisdom tooth doesn’t have enough space in the jaw-line to emerge, it gets trapped under the gums. This condition is referred to as impaction. In short, it develops in such a way that it interferes with the growth of adjacent teeth.
  • Crowding: the jaw-line does not have enough space to accommodate an additional set of molars without disrupting the function of the bite.
  • Dental shifting: when wisdom teeth develop it push other surrounding teeth out of alignment and undo the results of orthodontic treatments.

Do not ignore the problems caused by wisdom teeth Sydney removal procedure. Schedule your appointment with your dentist and get it extracted as early as possible.