Why choose an Oral Surgeon for Wisdom Teeth Removal

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Why choose an Oral Surgeon for Wisdom Teeth Removal

wisdom teeth extraction

A general dentist and an oral surgeon works in different areas of specialisation. While the former assists with the removal of some teeth and general procedures, an oral surgeon is someone who assists in wisdom teeth extraction. They have special expertise and facilities with which they offer quality care for patients.

Areas of Specialisation:

An oral surgeon is someone who has expertise in various areas such as dental implants, bone grafting, wisdom teeth extraction, corrective jaw surgery and even more. They not just perform surgical procedures, but also offer quality training, advice and instructions for students and even residents.

They also involve in scientific researches and will take part in the study of new medications, techniques or methodologies. Having such a strong background, experience and sound expertise, they ensure that their patients will receive the highest quality treatment they deserve.

Experience with Wisdom Teeth Extraction:

Oral surgeons mostly work with surgical procedures than general dental procedures such as fillings and cleanings. This means they have vast experience in performing wisdom teeth extraction easily, safely and efficiently. They ensure that every procedure performed by them would pave the way for speedy healing.

Moreover, oral surgeons also deal with surgeries that are even more complicated that wisdom teeth removal. This is why most patients prefer oral surgeons for surgery.

Trained in Anaesthesia:

Wisdom teeth extraction requires general anaesthesia or sedation. One of the biggest reasons why oral surgeons are demanded is because they have undergone extensive training in anaesthesia.

Choosing an oral surgeon for wisdom teeth removal gives you the confidence and adequate care you require from start to finish.