What You Should Know About Oral Surgery

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What You Should Know About Oral Surgery

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You might have chosen oral surgery for various reasons – for a facial or jaw injury, viagra order to remove an impacted tooth or to install dental implants. But are you aware of its after care, what is ed treatment procedures, results of surgery etc…? Many people blindly go for a surgery without even knowing about its consequences. To keep you aware of everything regarding oral surgery, this article is created. Here you’ll get abreast info on oral surgery, read now…

What to Expect During the Initial Consultation

At the initial consultation, oral surgeon in Sydney examines every patient’s oral structure. The oral surgeon also gives you the info that you’ll need for the surgery and give you an idea of what to expect during the initial post-operative period. Also, they will start to collect data to plan the procedure. This requires x-rays and visual examination. Oral surgeon in Sydney also takes impressions depending on the surgery.

If you want to make the whole process a smooth one, bring all the information that you have including your previous x-rays, scans and other medical reports.

What to Do the Night before Surgery

On the night of the surgery, make sure you have arrangements for transportation to and from surgery as you will be under the effects of anaesthesia. If you have someone with you, then don’t worry about this. Moreover, you should not eat anything before the surgery. That doesn’t mean that you should be fast for the whole day, your surgeon will tell you exactly how many hours you should keep your stomach empty.

What to Do After the Surgery

You will feel tenderness in your mouth for a few days. You doctor may also prescribe painkillers, so take it as per instructions. If you feel any side effects due to the medicines, inform your doctor immediately.

  • Don’t over exert yourself after the surgery
  • To reduce swelling, apply ice packs for 15 minutes
  • On that night, prop your head will pillows to avoid swelling or bleeding
  • Avoid lifting heavy items, bending and vigorous exercise for few days

Also don’t forget to take medications as prescribed by your oral surgeon in Sydney.

After Care for Oral Surgery

Strictly follow your doctor’s diet instructions, as long as you experience bleeding, stick to a liquid diet. Once the bleeding stops, you can start with soft foods including yogurt, smoothies and mashed potatoes. Also avoid hot foods or drinks until you feel reduction in numbness. Avoid alcohol for 24 hours as it can delay the healing process. Have a healthy diet rich in Vitamins A and C to increase the healing power.

Also you must keep your mouth clean:

  • After 24 hours from your surgery, rinse with warm salt water for four times a day, and don’t forget to rinse after each meal or snack.
  • Don’t go with brushing or flossing until unless your doctor confirms.
  • Avoid wearing partial dentures for at least 10 days after oral surgery.

Apart from all these, follow the instructions of your oral surgeon in Sydney and recover soon.