What You Need to Know Before Removing Wisdom Tooth

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What You Need to Know Before Removing Wisdom Tooth

wisdom teeth removal in Sydney

The emergence of wisdom teeth happens at the age of 17 to 21. Wisdom teeth can be the starting point for dental issues for many since they often grow in the wrong way for most people.

It can lead to a lot of pain both physically as well as mentally. People feel their teeth gets misaligned damaging the beautiful smile. It also leads to loss of gums causing accumulation of bacteria, doctor plaque, this and other debris which gets trapped. One of the reasons for pain is due to bacterial accumulation.

Factors to Know Before Extraction

Dentists advise wisdom teeth removal in Sydney. It helps avoid further teeth deformation and allows gums to heal. However, clinic understanding few things about the extraction of the wisdom teeth helps you face the situation better

Position – The position of wisdom teeth determines the type of procedure the dentist adopts. If the teeth are not rooted to the gum, then it is easy to remove. But, if they are rooted in the gum, they need to be cut.

Pain – The administering of anaesthesia as necessary makes the whole process of removal less painful. It is best to choose trusted dentists for wisdom teeth removal in Sydney to keep the process less painful.

Swelling – There could be some swelling on the face after wisdom teeth removal. However, it can be controlled by using a cold compress for 15 to 20 minutes.

Normality – Normality is restored about a week from the extraction date. Although it depends on the severity of the procedure which can sometimes take few weeks to months to get back to normal.

Following dentist’s advice and maintaining good oral hygiene makes it less painful and helps you recover faster from the procedural pain and discomfort.