What is the Conditions Treated by an Oral Surgeon?

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What is the Conditions Treated by an Oral Surgeon?

Treated by an Oral Surgeon

Visiting an oral surgeon for toothache? Not a good decision! Thinking why? There are lots of difference between an oral surgeon and a dentist. An oral surgeon in Sydney preforms dental surgeries related to diseases and issues of the gums, stomach teeth and mouth whereas a dentist serves as a primary care providers for dental medicine. Let us get deep into the responsibilities of an oral surgeon.

An oral surgeon is skilled in the following area, sickness heave a look:

  • The best oral surgeon in Sydney can remove damaged and impacted teeth, and provides in-office anaesthesia services, including intravenous sedation and general anaesthesia.
  • He/she also join hands with a restorative dentist to design new smiles or restorations. The oral surgeon also helps with the planning and placement of tooth implants.
  • Moreover, oral surgeons can reconstruct bone in areas requiring it for implant placement and sometimes modify gum tissue around the implants to produce a more natural and attractive look.
  • Oral surgeons can even repair minor to complex facial skin lacerations, set fractured jaw and bones, treats facial injuries including the oral tissues, jaws, cheeks, eye sockets and forehead.
  • He/she correct minor and major skeletal and dental jaw irregularities to improve, chewing, speaking and breathing. Normally, in collaboration with orthodontists, oral surgeons surgically reconstruct and realign the upper as well as lower jaws to improve biting function.

In addition, an oral surgeon in Sydney is often better equipped than your dentist to place you under general anaesthesia for longer period of time.