What Exactly Does A Dental Surgeon Do?

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What Exactly Does A Dental Surgeon Do?

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As the name suggests, a dental surgeon is a professional who operates in the field of dentistry. As obvious as this sounds, what you probably want to know is what specific procedures these professionals undertake. Dental surgeons work on the roots and pulps of the teeth. Some of the common surgeries they do consist of root canal treatment, pulpectomy and pulpotomy to name a few.

The difference between an oral surgeon and a dental surgeon

Many people use the terms oral surgeon and dentist interchangeably. However, this is a common misconception. A dental surgeon is a dentist. He or she is trained to perform simple surgeries in the mouth such as tooth removal. An oral surgeon in Sydney performs more complex surgeries. He or she usually also has 4 to 6 years more experience than a regular dentist.

Surgeries performed by an oral surgeon

While they also perform simple tooth extractions, oral surgeons perform an array of other functions as well. Some of the conditions mentioned below are treated by the best oral surgeons in Sydney.

  • Birth defects: An oral surgeon can operate on birth defects such as a cleft lip and palette which require a number of surgeries.
  • Orthognathic surgery/jaw surgery: An orthognathic surgery, more commonly known as a jaw surgery is an operation used to realign the jaws. It may also be done to treat problems with the jaw joint and similar jaw-related conditions.
  • Facial reconstruction: People who have accidents that malign their faces can visit an oral surgeon to get their face treated.
  • Dental implants: Dental implant surgeries are handled together by both dentists as well as oral surgeons. Oral surgeons take care of the surgical aspect of the treatment and send the patient to the dentist to have their crown inserted.