Tips to Avoid Infection after Wisdom Tooth Extraction

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Tips to Avoid Infection after Wisdom Tooth Extraction

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If your dentist suggests removing your wisdom teeth, do not panic. You will be fine!

In fact, when your wisdom tooth begins to affect your oral health, having them removed is a wise decision.

Having your wisdom tooth extracted can be a daunting process. But do not worry you are on the path to have healthier teeth. Yes, all you have to do is take care of your extraction site by following these aftercare tips.

Why is aftercare essential?

Apart from temporary bleeding and swelling after surgery, most patients recover quickly. However, if you do not take care of your surgical site, it may lead to complications like a dry socket.

A dry socket may develop if the blood clot within the socket is dislodged, exposing bone and nerve endings. In addition to severe pain, signs of dry socket are bad breath and an unpleasant taste in your mouth, swollen lymph nodes in your neck area and fever.

Signs of infection after wisdom teeth extraction:

  • Throbbing pain that is not reduced with pain medications
  • Increased swelling of the face and jaw
  • Oozing discharge, especially pus
  • High temperature

The wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney is affordable, and to prevent infections after extractions follow these post-operative care instructions strictly.

  • Swelling:

Swelling is common, after wisdom teeth removal, and it may disappear within two days after the surgery.  You can apply ice packs on your cheeks intermittently for up to two days to minimise the swelling and discomfort. Be gentle and make yourself comfortable while applying ice packs. If your tooth was infected before extraction, the dentist would ask you to use warm water, moist compresses rather than ice.

  • Bleeding:

Like swelling, bleeding is also common after the extraction of wisdom teeth removal in Sydney. Keep the gauze pad over the surgical site for 30 minutes after the surgery. You can also use moistened tea bags for the same amount of time to control bleeding.  The tannic acid in the tea helps the blood clot set.

  • Take rest:

Take rest for at least two days after the surgery. It will allow your body to recover from your dental surgery and get ready to fight off any potential sign of infection. Make sure you get enough rest and get back to your routine work only when you feel up for it.

  • Mouth care:

Limit eating, drinking and talking for the first two hours following the surgery. To avoid dislodging of a blood clot, do not rinse vigorously or use a straw when drinking.

Also, avoid strenuous physical activity for a few days after the wisdom teeth removal. Avoid smoking and spitting excessively on the day of the surgery or as long as there is bleeding.

  • Medication:

Take prescribed drugs for managing pain and antibiotics for infection as exactly given by your dentist.

The wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney is affordable, and follow these aftercare tips to recover quickly.