Sports & Physical Activity Limitations after Oral Surgery

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Sports & Physical Activity Limitations after Oral Surgery

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Patients who play professional sports often have a question that how soon they can return to their normal athletic activities after an oral surgery. For most cases, it is a fairly routine procedure, a proper health care and a brief period of rest is essential for a complication-free recovery.

The recovery time after oral surgery is largely depending on your individual circumstances such as the number of teeth extracted, the general state of your health and relative difficulty of your surgery procedure.

Here are some general information regarding the length of recovery and the period of time allotted for healing process to resume your normal physical activities after your oral surgery.

Physical Activities Limitations

Physical activities after oral surgery must be strictly limited for first 24 hours.  The discomfort will be the most severe for 2 days after the tooth extraction. This is the time in which the first critical stages of healing process begin.

Oran surgeon in Sydney recommends that the patients should firmly spend this time for rest and to avoid physical activities. This means that you must avoid strenuous work including exercise, bending, heavy lifting and especially sports. Even simple tooth treatment requires certain time to heal without being disturbed and if any physical activity interferes with healing, bleeding may occur from the cured spot.

So, if you get back on the playing field before proper healing, it will result in forming blood clots at the extraction site. To prevent this problem and facilitate healing process, it is necessary to follow the instructions of best oral surgeon in Sydney.

Gradual Return to Sports

The next question arises is, ‘Am I cleared to play sports after 48 hours of healing?’ Not exactly! Since you have experienced oral surgery, it isn’t wise to go straight back to your normal level of physical activities or sports participation.

Oral surgeon in Sydney encourages you to return slowly for regular cardiovascular exercise step by step, over the sequence of at least a few days. Your body will continue the certain healing process for several weeks after the surgery. During this time, you are advised to stay away from any contact of sports in order to avoid getting hit in the face or mouth.

You can able to go for running laps, sprints, or basic conditioning during this time. However, don’t ever try to push yourself for any other risky task. Any increased pain or hurting is a sign that the activity is too vigorous and that should be toned down or stopped immediately. While performing exercise your blood pressure and pulse will increase, which can lead to increased bleeding, this is another sign to terminate the activity.

If you spend at least one week for healing process, you can able to return for full physical activity and sports. Before restarting your physical activities, please ensure with your oral surgeon that you are recovered completely.