Some True Facts about Wisdom Teeth!

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Some True Facts about Wisdom Teeth!

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Wisdom teeth are the set of permanent teeth which we get only after reaching our teenage. Here are some of the important wisdom teeth facts you should know before you get to decide with wisdom teeth removal.

What are wisdom teeth and why are they called so?

Wisdom teeth are nothing but just the third row of molars. They are called as wisdom teeth as they show up generally between the ages 17 and 25.  Although not everyone, most people will have to deal with wisdom teeth at some point in their life. So let us take a look at some of the interesting facts about these troublesome teeth.

Why do we get wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are more or less like vestiges which were necessary for early humans to chew and eat their food. Our ancestors unlike us had much tougher diets that may have gone worn their teeth faster. So they needed the third row of molars. As time passed by, the types of food we take have changed drastically that we have most of our teeth for a long time. So to us, wisdom teeth are no longer necessary.

With evolution, some people don’t develop wisdom teeth at all yet stay healthy. Whereas, in most cases, say about 85% of people who get their wisdom teeth, undergo wisdom teeth removal.

Should I consider wisdom teeth removal?

The answer depends on your case that only your dentist after examining the oral cavity can give you the correct answer for this question. X rays will show if your wisdom teeth have developed, how they are coming in, and if those teeth have enough room for them. After examining all these, your dentist will recommend if you should undergo wisdom teeth removal.

Even for people who developed these teeth, not everyone will develop problems. However, some dentists recommend wisdom teeth removal anyway as a preventive treatment because people who have not removed their wisdom teeth at an early stage has faced a number of problems in the future after the roots grow completely.

One of the major concerns of people when it comes to wisdom teeth removal is the cost involved. When it comes to the wisdom teeth removal cost, it is highly affordable. With the advancement in dental Technologies, removal of wisdom teeth involving surgery are highly affordable that everyone can get rid of those problem occurs without suffering.

Wisdom teeth removal – what should you know about?

Getting your wisdom teeth pulled out is no fun and getting them all removed even less so. However, if your teeth are identified to cause potential problems in the future, it is best to get the matter addressed immediately. Most dentists advice to get wisdom teeth removed early. During teen ages or early adulthood, you are a perfect candidate for wisdom teeth removal procedure. This is because the root of the teeth is not completely formed during this stage, and also the recovery time from the surgical process is quicker and of course easier.

We hope these details about wisdom teeth will help you decide better on wisdom teeth removal.