Some Apparent Warning signs of Impacted Wisdom Teeth and the Cost of Wisdom Teeth Removal!

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Some Apparent Warning signs of Impacted Wisdom Teeth and the Cost of Wisdom Teeth Removal!


The third molars are the final set of teeth to erupt. Also called wisdom teeth, they might not have enough room needed to make through the gums. Wisdom teeth usually erupt during the teen ages or early adulthood. So, if you start to have the symptoms of impacted wisdom teeth, you should notify it to your dentist immediately. However, some wisdom teeth remain silent for a very long time which will not show any symptoms. In such cases, your dentist will examine your wisdom teeth area with X-rays when you go for regular dental checkups. Once your dentist finds your wisdom teeth growing impacted, he might suggest wisdom teeth removal. Here are some warning signs of impacted wisdom teeth you should take care.

Swelling around the jaw:

Impacted wisdom teeth when is start working through that gum line it can cut the soft tissues of your gums. This can cause infection, and you can also notice some inflammation around the wisdom teeth area at times extending back into the jaw.

Intense pain:

When your wisdom teeth get impacted, it exerts pressure on both the surrounding teeth and the joint. This can result in extreme jaw or tooth pain. There are chances, the affected teeth may break due to pressure or shifting.

It may hurt while opening your mouth:

The pressure of the infection and inflammation can make it tough to open your mouth. Any additional pressure you put on can cause severe pain preventing you from lowering your jaw.

Whenever you feel any of these symptoms of impacted wisdom teeth, you should discuss it with your dentist. He can help you reduce the paint and make you feel comfortable. Don’t wait until you are in extreme pain. The longer you wait, the higher you are at the risk of damaging your teeth.

Impacted wisdom teeth treatment:

Even if your impacted wisdom teeth do not cause any of the symptoms or pain, your dentist will closely monitor for gum disease, decay or any other serious complications. If any dental problem arises later on, he might recommend wisdom teeth removal. On the other hand, if your third molars are causing pain or other complications he would suggest cheap wisdom teeth removal right away.

Wisdom teeth removal cost:

Wisdom teeth removal cost depends on a number of factors including the position of the teeth, the number of affected teeth, the type of anaesthesia preferred and the level of impaction. Each case is unique. During your initial consultation, the dentist will review your wisdom teeth with X-rays and do a complete examination to analyse which type of anaesthesia is best for you. However, if you are highly nervous about the procedure, you can choose to have general anaesthesia. Although wisdom teeth removal is done in a clinical setup, it is considered a surgical procedure. Your dentist will analyse your case before giving you an estimate.

With the advancements in dental Technologies and the procedures involved, cost of wisdom teeth removal has become highly affordable that everyone can benefit from the procedure!