Should I get my Wisdom Teeth Extracted?

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Should I get my Wisdom Teeth Extracted?

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No one who visits their dentist wants to hear they should have their tooth removed, but sometimes tooth extraction becomes vital in protecting your smile. According to dentists, the most often removed teeth are the third molars also called the wisdom teeth. In rare cases, patients jaw has space to accommodate the additional set of molars. However, most of the patients will not have enough space and require wisdom teeth removal. Read further to learn more about why wisdom teeth removal is often suggested and, what to expect with the procedure?

What are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are large and grow at the back of the mouth during the teens. They help in chewing and grinding food and were helpful for our ancestors because their coarse diet leads to frequent tooth loss. Nowadays our improved preventive dental care and refined food habits mean most of us have a healthy and complete smile for a long time and during the time the wisdom teeth emerge.

Why Wisdom Teeth Removal is often recommended?

Wisdom teeth erect so late in development and as discussed, people no longer loose teeth early in their life. This is why wisdom teeth removal is often recommended. The lack of space to accommodate these additional set of teeth can result in many other issues including:

Dental Drift: When the wisdom teeth shift the surrounding teeth during eruption, it may result in changes in the bite that requires orthodontic treatment.

Impaction: When wisdom teeth are unable to erupt correctly out of the gum line they lead to discomfort and pain.

Crowding: When the jaw is not spacious enough for the additional molars, the adjacent teeth may move closer together or overlap making them more difficult to clean.

Is Wisdom Teeth Removal a Complicated process?

Dentistry has advanced a lot, and now wisdom teeth removal has become easier than ever! It is just like removing any other teeth. wisdom teeth removal cost is affordable and is usually done by a surgical procedure, but there is nothing to worry because you are not going to feel even a sliver of pain during the procedure. Depending on the difficulty of your case and how anxious you are about the procedure, the dentist may provide you anaesthesia to ensure you are very comfortable throughout the procedure.

  • However, the complication of the procedure depends on your age and your body’s ability to heal from the surgical wounds. Yes the earlier the teeth are removed, the easier will be the healing process. Our body’s healing ability decreases as we age, this is why dentist suggests wisdom teeth removal at a much early age or even before the tooth root develops completely.
  • Also, the third molars are located at the farthest end and are quite big. When they are left unnoticed for a long time until their roots develop completely, they may intervene with some of the major nerves running down the gum line. In these cases, your dentist will have to pay more care while extracting. However, a highly skilled dentist will make even the most advanced wisdom teeth removal comfortable and safe!