Post-Operative Care and Pain Management for Wisdom Tooth Removal

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Post-Operative Care and Pain Management for Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom Teeth Removal

The removal of wisdom teeth entails a lot more than huddling up in a snug blanket post-surgery with a tub of your favourite ice-cream. In fact, physician a lot of people are apprehensive about the surgery because they believe that they will be in pain. You can put all your worries to rest after reading a bit about the extraction process and post-operative care.

  • The availability of certified narcotics has ensured that people experience little to no discomfort when they go for wisdom teeth removal in Sydney. Since the site will be numbed beforehand with the likes of hydrocodone or oxycodone you can avoid the ache. Moreover, sales you have the choice of Tylenol, Percoset and even Vicodin for severe pain to make sure that your discomfort is managed post-extraction.
  • Even though you may find ways to manage the ache right after surgery, a lot of patients experience swelling in the cheeks or bleeding gums. Although this may differ from case to case, the inflammation and usually takes a fortnight to go down. There are ways to reduce the swelling and mild bleeding with medication or with simple remedies such as cold compresses and by elevating the skull.
  • Gorging on your favourite ice-cream can in fact help with your liquid diet initially post extraction; it can also numb and soothe the site.

Many clinics extend a very low wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney that encourages patients to go for the surgery. Timely removal can help you circumvent dire consequences like chronic tooth and gum ache.