Popular Questions Answered Regarding Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery

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Popular Questions Answered Regarding Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery

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In your lifetime, your mouth goes through many changes and among it is the eruption of wisdom teeth. These, third set of molars can be useful when they are aligned properly. And, they must be removed when they are misaligned. An impacted wisdom tooth will impact your oral hygiene and habits for the rest of your life. Here, we have put together a short list of questions to be asked your specialist that help you demystify the details of wisdom teeth removal in Sydney.

Will I be Awake during My Wisdom Teeth Removal in Sydney?

Remember, if you are very anxious about the pain and length of wisdom teeth removal and recovery it makes you reluctant to undergoing wisdom teeth extraction. Your dentist will administer a local or general anaesthetic depending on the complexity of the procedure. Using local anaesthetic for the surgery numbs the mouth area and keeps you awake during the surgery. Whereas, general anaesthetic puts you under mild sedation, so you should have someone to drive you to and from dental office.

Is Wisdom Teeth Removal a Risky Surgical Procedure?

Nope, wisdom teeth removal is very safe because it is done by a dentist or an oral surgeon who does the exact same procedure every day. Similar to other surgical procedures, complications may occur but they are rare and relatively benign.

Most common post-extraction complications include nerve damage and dry socket, a condition which occurs when blood clot becomes dislodged for some reasons leaving the bone exposed.

How Much Does Wisdom Teeth Removal in Sydney Cost?

At Wisdom Teeth Day Surgery, the cost of wisdom teeth removal in Sydney ranges from $225 to $375 for each Wisdom Tooth Removal in Sydney. The maximum cost of wisdom teeth removal in Sydney for all 4 is not more than $970. This fee also includes for the cost for anaesthetics from $320 to $375.

How Much Does My Dental Health Insurance Pay for Wisdom Teeth Removal?

To many people, the root cause for the denial of wisdom teeth removal is financial disputes. Having a dental insurance covers up to half of a wisdom tooth removal that’s considered medically necessary. Based on the insurer and policy the coverage varies so check in advance with your dental insurance provider.

What Happens After the Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery in Sydney?

Once you have undergone wisdom teeth removal surgery in Sydney, you will be provided with a set of instructions to follow immediately after the surgery. Apply moist heat over your face to reduce inflammation and gently open and close your mouth to restore normal movement of your jaw.

Call your dentist or wisdom teeth specialist in Sydney o schedule a consultation for your dental needs.  Visit wisdomteethsydney.com.au to book an appointment.