Oral Surgery – Here’s everything you need to know

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Oral Surgery – Here’s everything you need to know

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One of the best ways to recover speedily after oral surgery is having enough knowledge and awareness about it. If you know what you’ve to expect in oral surgery, you’d be able to deal with it in a much better manner. Oral surgery, which is performed by oral surgeons, is a procedure that requires general or local anaesthesia.

When you have your initial appointments, talk to your dentist or surgeon about preparation tips and any other question you have. Here’s what you need to know about oral surgery.

What to Prepare before Surgery?

Before your appointment for surgery, you’ll have to make arrangements for transportation to and from the surgeon’s office. This is because you might not be able to drive yourself due to the effects of anaesthesia, hence bring along a friend or a family member who can take you home.

You will also be advised to not have food on the night before surgery. It would usually take eight to ten hours for a typical oral surgery. Diabetic patients are advised to have breakfast and it is also mandatory to have any medical prescriptions both in the morning and evening before surgery.

What would be the healing or recovery period after Surgery?

For the swelling or any discomfort to subside, it would take approximately 48 hours after the surgery. You are supposed to take as much rest as possible and not involve in stressful activities such as heavy lifting or hard workouts. It is after the initial 48 hours period, that you enter the healing phase.

The period of healing would vary depending on the type of oral surgery performed but normally, it would take one to two weeks for complete recovery. In case of jaw, it would take almost a month or more for complete healing.

Foods to Consume

Always rely upon soft foods such as soups and yogurts after oral surgery. These foods not only avoid the need for chewing but are also rich in Vitamin A or C that imparts energy for you. Always keep away from hard and crunchy foods such as popcorn for about six to eight weeks. Hot foods and drinks shall also be avoided.

Facts on Oral Surgery you must know

Here are 5 facts compiled for you to be aware of:

  1. Oral surgery was implemented during the civil war. Union and confederate dentists experimented the procedures on injured soldiers and the first oral surgery was successfully performed at that time.
  1. Certain oral surgeons also perform complicated facial reconstructions and other cosmetic procedures as well. They are mostly expensive than usual procedures.
  1. For oral surgery patients, the expenses shall be covered by combining dental insurance and health insurance.
  1. Oral surgeons can help you if you need a bridge or dental implant.
  1. If you are injured, oral surgeons can perform jaw surgery and replace missing teeth using dental implants as well.

For most kinds of oral health problems, both dentists and oral surgeons can be of great help. Book an appointment with confidence and let them help you out.