List of White Lies That You Should Never Tell Your Dentist

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List of White Lies That You Should Never Tell Your Dentist

Dentist with mouth mirror checking patient mouth

“Do you floss regularly?” is one of the fundamental questions which most dentists ask, and many patients say ‘Yes’ to this question due to embarrassment, even if they haven’t done it.  This is a common occurrence at any dental office, as people find it hard to get confronted by the dentist on their oral habits.

But, do you know – one good look of your mouth by an expert dentist will reveal your overall oral condition? Your mouth is an indication of not just your oral health, but also your overall wellbeing.

To build a close rapport between you and your dentist, it is vital that you avoid the following lies in your future meetings –

1) No, it doesn’t hurt

Tell the dentist if you experience any pain. Often the impacted teeth at the back might call for a wisdom teeth removal Sydney, being scared about the process you might say that you are not experiencing any pain in the gums when the dentist is checking. But do you know, you tongue tightening and the grim on your face are a proof that you are experiencing a sharp pain? So speak up! In that case, your dentist will arrange for anaesthesia during wisdom teeth removal Sydney.

Supposing your appointment is for more than routine cleaning, call the dentist beforehand and ask for any medications for pain, so that you can take it before the procedure.

2) I don’t grind my teeth

If you are experiencing severe headache and pain in your jaw muscles, you might be undergoing a condition called tooth grinding. This cannot be counted as a lie since you might not be aware of this condition. Most dentists will notice this and recommend a bite guard to protect your teeth.

3) I don’t smoke

The stains on your teeth are simply enough for your dentist to understand that you smoke. Smoking not only causes yellow teeth, but it also paves the way for oral cancer, gum disease and problems with wisdom teeth Sydney. If you are a smoker, be straightforward to let your dentist know about it. There are various solutions that your dentist can offer, yet the best way to protect your oral health is to quit smoking.  If you are thinking of switching over to smokeless tobacco or chewing gums, they are not safe either. It can also result in gum disease, harm the wisdom tooth and result in tooth loss. So, better quit smoking and check with a dentist for any oral problems. You can also opt for affordable wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney to protect your oral health, if your dentist recommends.

4) I don’t have an eating disorder

Dentists can also tell if a patient has bulimia nervosa (eating disorder). Due to frequent vomiting, your tooth enamel would have eroded away, which ultimately results in the loss of tooth. So, if you have an eating disorder, make sure to discuss it with your dentist.

Hopefully, this article provides a better idea on the things that you should not hide from your dentist.