Impacted Wisdom Teeth – What You Need To Know

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Impacted Wisdom Teeth – What You Need To Know

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Impacted wisdom teeth are wisdom teeth that have not yet erupted through the gums but stuck inside the gums. They can cause some major issues if they’re not dealt with properly. Some of these issues include infection, pain, and crowding, which can lead to other problems like cavities and gum disease.

If you suspect that you may have an impacted wisdom tooth, it’s important to consider Wisdom teeth removal Sydney immediately so your oral health remains in good condition and you don’t face any long-term issues down the road.

What Is Impacted Wisdom Teeth And How It Can Impact Your Dental Health?

A wisdom tooth, also known as third molar, is a set of molars that are located in your upper or lower jaw. One in every four people have an impacted wisdom tooth, but it’s estimated that 25% do not develop it at all. These teeth can be impacted in several ways. They can appear sideways or they may be slightly rotated when compared to other teeth in your mouth. The impactions are known as different types of wisdom teeth impaction.

Impacted wisdom teeth fall into one of two categories, fully or partially impacted. Impacted wisdom teeth may have some room left in your jaw, but they may not grow properly due to crowding with other teeth. Partially impacted wisdom teeth are not able to break through your gums at all. They are located somewhere along the gum line and can be a pain because you need to clean them daily. The only problem is that you can’t clean them as thoroughly as if they were visible on the outside of your mouth.

As wisdom teeth grow in, they have a tendency to impacted or become stuck. This means that instead of coming in normally, one side is unable to break through and emerge outside of your mouth. If left untreated, impacted wisdom teeth can cause damage in a number of ways: when impacted, you are more susceptible to periodontal disease (gum disease) due to abnormal build up around them.

If the root is too long and it gets caught on something inside your mouth, it could be painful or lead to injury. There is an increased risk for tooth decay because food can get trapped around the wisdom tooth’s root for an extended period of time before decaying.

Impacted wisdom teeth may prevent other teeth from erupting correctly – this will require orthodontic treatment for correction later on down the line.

Wisdom Tooth Impaction Symptoms

Common wisdom teeth impaction symptoms include facial pain, gum sensitivity, ear ache, difficulty chewing. If you experience these symptoms and suspect that your wisdom teeth may be impacted, it’s important to consult a dentist immediately and consider Wisdom teeth removal Sydney.

Waiting too long can lead to more complicated dental problems, not only with wisdom teeth but also with other teeth in your mouth. The earlier a dental problem is detected and treated, the less extensive treatment will likely be.

Does Insurance Cover For Wisdom Teeth Price Sydney?

Dental insurance coverage for Wisdom Teeth removal Cost Sydney depends on your plan’s details. Some cover it completely, others partially, and some don’t cover it at all. So, check with your insurer to find out how much you may have to pay out-of-pocket before surgery, particularly if you are a member of a high-deductible plan. Most people who have any type of dental insurance will likely have coinsurance (cost sharing) associated with their benefits.

For further details on wisdom teeth removal, please get in touch with our dentist. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.