Dental Tips – How to Get Speedy Recovery from Wisdom Teeth Removal

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Dental Tips – How to Get Speedy Recovery from Wisdom Teeth Removal

wisdom teeth removal

Also called as Third Molars, viagra approved wisdom teeth typically appear between ages 17 and 21. These teeth can disrupt healthy bite, crowding the mouth and causing other unpleasant symptoms like headaches and earaches. For these reasons, it is recommended the wisdom teeth be removed before the teeth erupt, or grow in to the mouth.

If you have undergone wisdom teeth removal, you may want to consider taking time off to heal. The following tips will help to ensure a speedy and healthy recovery after your wisdom teeth removal.

Prevent Getting Dry Socket

Dry sockets usually occur in the first 5 days after an extraction process, so the first step in preventing this condition is to avoid any rigorous activity that could lead to wound trauma. This rigorous activity could even include simple activities like drinking through a straw or forceful spitting, both of which have the potential to dislodge a blood clot.

Keep Your Head Elevated for the First Three Days

When you sleep, keep your head elevated with lots of pillows so your upper body is close to a 45 degree angle – this will help you recover faster from wisdom teeth surgery.

Don’t Let Your Mouth Dry Out!

If you breathe through your mouth, use an oral cavity moisturizer.

Drink Ice Cold Coconut Water until you’re Able to Eat Soft Foods

Drinking coconut water helps stabilize blood chemistry and electrolytes and helps to keep blood sugar stable while you’re not able to eat solid foods — all important to speeding up your recovery from wisdom teeth surgery.

These are the few tips to follow to get speedy recovery from wisdom teeth surgery. Apart from all, maintaining good oral hygiene is also important. If you notice any complications, such as persistent pain or bleeding, be sure to contact the wisdom teeth removal experts in Sydney.