Debunking 5 Common Myths on Wisdom Teeth Removal

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Debunking 5 Common Myths on Wisdom Teeth Removal

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Wisdom teeth removal is a common procedure adopted today. As much as it is popular today, there are several myths and misconceptions regarding the procedure. Different people have different perspectives regarding wisdom teeth removal. Development in the field of dental and medical science has helped people eliminate some of the common myths that ought not to be believed. Here are some of such misinterpretations about wisdom teeth removal listed for you, just in case you thought they were true.

Myth 1: Wisdom Teeth always create problems, thus wisdom teeth extraction is mandatory

The number one myth in regard of wisdom teeth removal is this. However, dental experts and oral surgeons clarify that only 12% of the total number of wisdom teeth cases are acute and that wisdom teeth removal becomes imperative only in such cases. Wisdom teeth need to be removed only when they are impacted and cause pains and/or infections.

Myth 2: Wisdom Teeth always have to be removed at the Earliest Age

It is always believed that as soon as a wisdom tooth erupts during the early age, it has to be removed no matter whatsoever. In fact, patients often decide to remove wisdom teeth even before pain and discomfort supposedly show up. However, dentists and wisdom teeth removal specialists are totally against this. They suggest people to wait and see how the growth of wisdom teeth goes rather than having them removed even when they seldom cause any trouble.

Myth 3: Eruption of Wisdom teeth Crowds Anterior Teeth

There are several studies that prove this concept to be wrong. Experts explain that it is simply not possible for wisdom teeth to crowd the anterior teeth. It doesn’t have enough force to do this; therefore this myth should never be believed by anyone.

Myth 4: The Risk of Wisdom Teeth Problems Increases as We Age

This is completely untrue. There doesn’t exist any evidence that prove that the risks and problems associated with wisdom teeth surges with age. Such myths must not be believed until there’s any scientific evidence that proves the same.

Myth 5: Wisdom Teeth Extraction is free from Complications

Wisdom teeth removal is a common procedure, but that doesn’t mean that it is totally free from complications. Several advancements in wisdom teeth extraction and other dental procedures have come up, but the chances of complications cannot be undermined. It is normal to experience pains, swelling and bleeding after the procedure is undergone. A few tips will be offered by your oral surgeons to make the recovery process easier.

Now that the common myths regarding wisdom teeth removal in Sydney has been debunked share this post to let your friends and family know about the same too, because not everything deserves to be believed! Keep smiling!