Conditions Calling For the Services of an Oral Surgeon

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Conditions Calling For the Services of an Oral Surgeon

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When it comes to the removal of wisdom teeth, you need to see an oral surgeon.  This is a specialist in the dental field and has been thoroughly trained to resolve problems such as facial pain, TMJ, dental implants, removal of wisdom teeth and surgical procedures that are restorative. An oral surgeon will carry on the usual dentistry services but will also be able to treat facial and tooth injuries including knocked out and broken teeth or a broken jaw.  They also work with oral cancer, providing treatment and performing a variety of cosmetic surgeries to the face.  There are several conditions that require the services of an oral surgeon as follows:

  • Impacted teeth – the third molars are referred to as the wisdom teeth.  They are the last ones to develop.  Sometimes, you may find that there is room for them to come out, but in many cases, there isn’t room for them.  This means that they emerge in the wrong alignment or they may not fully emerge such that a portion remains under the gum.  These are the teeth commonly referred to as impacted.  They are caught or trapped between the gum and the jawbone.  The result is swelling, gum infection and pain which in turn necessitate wisdom tooth removal Sydney.
  • Loss of teeth – One can lose their teeth though an infection or an accident.  When this happens, you may need to have dentures, bridges or dental implants.  The oral surgeon will put in substitutes of the tooth root if you are looking to have implants, which will then be anchored into the jawbone so that they can stabilize the attached artificial teeth.
  • Jaw problems – There are several jaw problems that require the services of a good oral surgeon.  They are:
    • Jaw growth that is unequal – There are individuals whose lower and upper jaws to do not grow properly.  They experience difficulty breathing, swallowing, eating and speaking.  If the challenge is that the teeth are improperly aligned, orthodontic appliances such as braces can correct the problem. However, if the issue is more serious, then oral surgery is required so that part or all of the upper, lower or both jaws can be repositioned.
    • Improving how dentures fit – If one is just starting to wear dentures and they have irregularities of the jaw, it is often prudent to have these corrected so that the dentures can fit right.  Additionally, over time, the bone that supports dentures tends to deteriorate.  If the situation is severe, there may be need for a bone graft in order to keep the dentures in place.
    • TMJ (Temporomandibular joint) – Advanced cases of TMJ may need joint surgery if all else fails.

All of these conditions can be fixed at a cost that you need to discuss with your oral surgeon ahead of time. Wisdom teeth removal cost can usually be found on their websites.