Complications And Risks Associated With Wisdom Teeth Removal And How To Prevent Them

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Complications And Risks Associated With Wisdom Teeth Removal And How To Prevent Them

Wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney

Annually, a million wisdom teeth are removed all over the world, while the removal of wisdom teeth is undeniably important for some people. Several surgeons encourage its extraction to prevent any possible infection or damage in future. A lot of people believe that wisdom teeth removal procedure is usual and is risk-free. But any surgery will carry its possible risks.

Risks And Complications Of Wisdom Teeth Removal:

Though the Wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney is affordable nowadays, remember all the surgeries will carry an element of risk. Make sure you go for an experienced surgeon to extract your wisdom teeth to minimise the risks. Possible risks include:

  1. Nerve Damage:

There is a nerve near to the wisdom teeth that carry signal from the chin, the lower lip and the lower teeth to the brain. In most of the people luckily, there is a gap between the nerve and wisdom teeth, but in some cases, there is no space. In such cases if the nerve is disturbed, it may result in a numb feeling that can last for days or even weeks. In rare cases, the effects may also be permanent.

  1. Sinus:

There is a thin membrane that separates the nasal cavity from the gap, left after the wisdom tooth is removed. If accidentally this membrane is damaged a hole is created connecting the nasal cavity and the empty tooth cavity. Your dentist will immediately plug it with sutures. Your dentist will advise you not to sneeze or cough with your mouth or nose closed for two days after surgery to help prevent the connecting hole from forming.

  1. Dry Socket:

Dry socket occurs when the blood clot has failed to develop or did the formed clot fall off, exposing the bone outside, resulting in severe pain. Without clot formation, healing will be delayed. In such cases visit your oral surgeon who will treat it by applying medications.

  1. Infections:

It is natural for a little infection to occur after wisdom teeth removal in Sydney. This may lead to slight swelling and has to go down in 7 to 10 days with the antibiotics your dentist will prescribe immediately after surgery. However, if the swelling increases, consult your oral surgeon immediately.

  1. Bleeding:

There will be slight bleeding that persists for some hours after surgery. Place a piece of cotton or gauze to prevent bleeding. Other measures to stop bleeding include, having a cold drink or by applying ice packs. But if the bleeding is severe and doesn’t stop, visit your surgeon immediately.

Wisdom teeth can cause many hitches including impaction, infection, cyst formation and many other painful problems. Removing your wisdom teeth is the best option to avoid these problems. But remember a dental surgery is also a surgery; it may be painful and cause some adverse effects. Before choosing your surgeon, check the cost of wisdom teeth removal in Sydney and its treatment process. Discuss with your surgeon for all the treatment options and after effects.