Caring for yourself post wisdom teeth removal!

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Caring for yourself post wisdom teeth removal!

Wisdom Teeth Removal Post Care

Having heard about wisdom teeth removal so many times, most of us will have sound knowledge about wisdom teeth removal procedure. However, the most important part of wisdom teeth removal is the recovery phase. The dentist will advise you to take good care of yourself once you get affordable wisdom teeth removal. Here are some post-operative instructions that are designed to help prevent excessive time off to school or work, make sure you feel comfortable during the healing phase and promoting faster healing. Following aftercare tips properly will drastically enhance how quickly you recover from the surgery.

What to expect during the first two weeks after affordable cost of wisdom teeth removal?

  • Once the anaesthesia is worn off hours after the surgery, you will start to feel some discomfort, short term bruising and swelling.
  • While you are numb take care not to bite your cheeks or lips or touch the sutured site.
  • The sutures will fall out or dissolve within days.
  • If you feel some sharp areas in the surgical site, it might be bone chips that would be removed in the following visit to the dentist.
  • The swelling and bruising may last longer and up to two weeks in some cases. Try hot or cold compress to ease yourself.

What about bleeding post wisdom teeth extraction?

Bleeding after affordable cost of wisdom teeth removal is normal. Apply pressure on the bleeding site by biting on sterile gauze until bleeding stops and blood clots. Remember, you should change the gauze used after every 45 minutes.

You can also use gauze soaked in ice or tea bag if you are bleeding heavily.  If the situation doesn’t improve within a few hours, call your surgeon immediately.

How to manage pain or other discomforts from wisdom teeth extraction?

  • Making sure you take enough amount of healthy food is one of the best ways to prevent medication-induced nausea. Take the prescribed medications after having your food.
  • Are you worried about dry sockets? The best way to prevent dislodging of a blood clot is by preventing any negative pressure inside your mouth.
  • Avoid using syringes, straws or smoking for at least one week after wisdom teeth removal.

How about diet and exercise after the procedure?

You may have a lot of doubts with what to eat or how long it will take for you to start taking regular diet when you had surgery in your mouth. Let us help you.

  • Start with liquid foods: fruit juices or water are ideal for the first day. Make sure your drink in not so cold and is in the room temperature.
  • Go for soft and cold foods: Slowly move on to ice-cream, pudding or gelatine.
  • Progress to other solid food: once your pain and swelling subside and when you feel comfortable to take hard foods, slowly progress to solid foods. Eat what is comfortable for you.
  • Avoid sharp or hard foods: Hard textured foods can damage your surgical site resulting in some complications. Wait until you heal completely to munch those foods.

Hope you now got a good idea on affordable wisdom teeth removal. Don’t stay with those troubling wisdom teeth anymore, get them removed now.