An Ultimate Guide on Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost

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An Ultimate Guide on Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth removal is a common dental procedure. But, due to the complexity of the procedure, the wisdom teeth removal cost can vary and make it difficult to obtain an overall estimate of the procedure, without knowing your specific condition. This guide will provide you with a better idea of wisdom teeth removal cost.

Factors that Impact the Complexity of the Procedure

The following are the issues that could affect the complexity of the wisdom teeth removal procedure.


There are three different types of impaction.

  • Soft tissue impaction
  • Partial bony impaction
  • Complete bony impaction

How Has It Erupted?

Whether your wisdom teeth have fully erupted, partially covered by gum tissue, or completely submerged.

Fully Formed Roots

This condition is very common in older patients.

Who Will Perform Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedure?

In general, wisdom teeth removal in Sydney is carried out by a surgeon who specialises in oral and maxillofacial surgery, especially when there is more complexity involved with the procedure. But, there are also other qualified individuals who have the ability to perform wisdom teeth removal procedure – The oral and maxillofacial surgeon, dental board-registered specialists, and general dentists.

Did you know the person who performs the wisdom teeth removal will also play a vital role in determining the cost of the wisdom teeth removal? Yes, getting wisdom teeth removal performed by an oral surgeon would cost you 35% more than the procedure completed by a general dentist.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedure

An initial consultation is the first step in the wisdom teeth procedure and scheduling an appointment with a general dentist will help you in determining the level of impaction of the wisdom teeth, determining the course of action to be taken, and more. A general dentist will perform X-rays, and OPG to decide on your oral health. By analysing these X-rays, you can determine the condition of your wisdom teeth whether they have erupted fully or impacted. Based on the analysis, the dentist will recommend the treatment options, and you can choose a general dentist or a specialist to carry out the procedure. Once the wisdom teeth are removed, the treatment process is over, and you may be asked for a post-operative follow-up to maintain pain. Post-operative follow-ups not only help you in pain management but also ensure you haven’t developed any infections at the site of the surgery.

The wisdom teeth removal cost can be split up into different categories:

  • Initial consultation
  • X-rays & OPG
  • Simple wisdom teeth removal
  • Surgical wisdom teeth removal
  • Surgery carried out by a surgeon or general dentist
  • Follow-up costs

Make an appointment with your dentist today to know more about the cheap wisdom teeth removal details.