Aftercare Tips For Wisdom Teeth Removal!

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Aftercare Tips For Wisdom Teeth Removal!

Wisdom Tooth Removal

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Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars which erupt on your upper and lower jaws. They usually come out during your late teens or early twenties. When they grow at proper angles, they will be a great strength to your mouth. But, in some cases, they become impacted and cause oral difficulties. Thus, dental professionals highly recommend having wisdom teeth removal in Sydney!

Aftercare Tips to Follow:

Minimise Swelling With Ice Cubes!

It’s normal to expect a little swelling around the mouth and cheeks after the procedure. This is the body’s normal response to any surgery and subsequent recovery. Usually, this happens two to three days after the surgical procedure. However, when the swelling is severe and awful, you can minimise it by applying ice packs to your cheek. Remember, this must be done externally. Never try to place the ice cubes inside your mouth. This reduces the swelling and the discomfort after the surgery. The Wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney is completely affordable!

Control Bleeding!

You can expect some bleeding immediately after the surgery. The physician will place a gauze pad over the surgical site to stop the bleeding. This must be maintained in place for about half an hour. To smoothen the clotting of the blood on the site, press the gauze pad mildly over the affected area by gently biting on it. After that, the gauze pad should be removed and then discarded. Another method to stop the bleeding is to use a tea bag.

Clean and Rinse Your Mouth!

The day after the surgical process, rinse your mouth with salt water, especially after the meal to reduce swelling or discomfort. Rinsing the mouth forcefully or touching the surgical area should be completely avoided. Because this leads to bleeding!

Take Complete Rest!

Try to avoid energetic activities immediately after the surgery. Give yourself time to rest and recover. The dentist who offers the wisdom teeth removal in Sydney advises the patients to rest as much as possible. Just wait for some days for any energetic workout or heavy lifting.

Don’t Use Straws!

After the extraction, don’t use straws since it causes dry socket. Also, try to avoid tobacco products and never smoke. Take the pain medications as prescribed by the physician.

Foods to Eat After the Surgery!

Yogurt, Applesauce, smoothies, mashed potatoes, veggie soups and ice creams are some of the foods which promote a faster healing process.

Foods to Avoid After the Surgery!

Crunchy, chewy, and spicy foods should be avoided at least for a week after the surgery. Also, avoid acidic drinks since it causes pain in the healing sites.

When you are planning for an extraction process, consider extraction of wisdom teeth in Sydney!