Wisdom Teeth Removal

How Much Does It Cost To Extract My Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth removal Sydney is suggested as a preventive measure to protect the other surrounding teeth. But, many of us tend to avoid wisdom teeth removal for various reasons, and wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney is one of them.

While wisdom teeth serve a purpose as backup teeth, in most cases, they need to be extracted due to various reasons. Unfortunately, wisdom teeth don’t bring bouts of wisdom. Instead, they tend to cause a range of dental problems. No one wants to undergo surgery, even it is minor. However, there is nothing to fret, as they are a standard procedure in dentistry.

The wisdom teeth removal price differs from person to another as various factors impact the total price. Let’s take a look at the factors that affect the Wisdom teeth removal price Sydney:-

Initial examination and x-rays

In many cases, wisdom teeth don’t show any signs and symptoms until they affect the neighbouring teeth. So, the initial assessment and dental x-ray and CT scan cost could be added to the final price of wisdom teeth removal.

The complexity of the case

The more complex your wisdom teeth extraction, the more you could expect to pay. A simple non-impacted wisdom tooth extract wouldn’t cost you more than 250$, while a surgical wisdom teeth removal where complexities are found during the initial assessment would cost anywhere between $250 and $375.

Removing an impacted wisdom tooth could be difficult, especially if they are caught under the gum or developed partially as the gums and bones should be opened and require stitches to close the wound.

Hence, the complexity of the case greatly influences the Wisdom Teeth Sydney price. If your case is complicated, it’s advisable to get your teeth extracted by an experienced dentist who specialised in treating and removing wisdom teeth.


The location of the dentist is another great influencer of the cost of wisdom teeth. It is no wonder Sydney is one of the expensive cities to live in Australia and dental treatment prices could be higher in high-tech cities. However, there are dental practices that offer affordable wisdom teeth Sydney removal. Some clinics even offer flexible payment plans with less or no interest in order to make the treatment affordable for all. In addition to it, you could get discounts for extracting all four wisdom teeth in a single sitting.

As you see, various factors affect the wisdom teeth removal price and it is hard to give the exact cost of wisdom teeth removal. Your dentist will be able to give you the exact cost based on your condition.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Everything You Need To Know About Wisdom Teeth Removal

If you are experiencing dental problems due to wisdom teeth, never ignore them. Wisdom teeth can cause a life-threatening infection that can take a toll on your oral and overall health. If the wisdom teeth are infected, and you are experiencing severe pain, it is essential to get that infection under control and reduce inflammation as early as possible.

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the last set of molars to develop between the ages of 17 and 25. This is when children become wiser as they grow into adulthood. But, wisdom teeth don’t bring bouts of wisdom as the name suggests. Instead, they cause a range of dental problems. Wisdom teeth were helpful for our ancestors as they followed raw diet that consists of uncooked meat and vegetables. When they lose a tooth due to eating habits, these wisdom teeth helped immensely.

Why they cause problems?

Unlike our ancestors, we follow a soft diet that consists of cooked meat and vegetable that are easier to bite, chew, and eat. Moreover, our jaw size is small when compared to our ancestors. So, most of us don’t have enough room in the mouth to accommodate the third molars. This causes the wisdom teeth to develop partially or in sideways or get submerged under the gum line. This condition is called impaction. The chance of developing in the right position for an impacted wisdom tooth is very low. If not extracted, they can wreak havoc on other healthy teeth. This is when wisdom teeth removal Sydney comes to the rescue. Wisdom teeth removal Sydney is a preventive measure taken to prevent the other tooth from damages caused by infected and impacted wisdom teeth.

There are different types of impaction including, complete bony impaction – the entire tooth lying under the jawbone, Partial bony – Most of the tooth is still in the jawbone and the remaining teeth erupts partially, and soft tissue – top portion of the tooth has erupted through the bone. Among all other impaction, complete bony impaction is complicated and increases the complexity of the removal. In addition to it, it influences the Wisdom Teeth Price Sydney as well as it is hard to remove them.

What are the signs and symptoms of wisdom teeth?

  • Swelling
  • Inflammation
  • A bad breath
  • Bleeding or tender gums
  • Difficulty opening your mouth
  • Jaw pain

These are the common symptoms a person can experience when a wisdom tooth erupts. However, in some cases, wisdom teeth don’t show any sign at all until they cause any trouble to the surrounding teeth. They are caught on an x-ray.

If you are looking for affordable wisdom teeth removal Sydney, please get in touch with our team.