5 Effective Healing Tips Post Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedure

If your dentist suggests wisdom teeth extraction, don’t freeze. In fact, when the third molars, also called wisdom teeth, affect your oral health, getting them out is the best possible solution.

Although third molars are called wisdom teeth Sydney, they don’t bring bouts of wisdom teeth to you. Yes, you can’t pass your exam or clear the interview. Instead, a wisdom tooth creates a lot of dental problems, including dental decay, gum disease, teeth shifting and crowding, and the formation of a cyst. In order to prevent these dental complications, most of the dentists suggest wisdom teeth removal– a preventive measure to save your other healthy teeth.

Now that you have extracted your wisdom teeth, it is essential to focus on post wisdom teeth Sydney removal. Of course, the recovery after wisdom teeth removal is quick. But, if you don’t follow your dentist’s post-operative care instruction, you’ll end up in certain complications, including bleeding, fever, and dry socket.

Here are five effective tips that you need to consider after the removal of wisdom teeth:-

Minimise Swelling with an Ice Pack

Keep the ice pack on your cheek to reduce the swelling around the extraction site. You can follow 20 minutes on and off technique to prevent the discount after the extraction. Swelling around the extraction site is quite common after the procedure, so there is nothing to panic. If you have experienced oral infection before the surgery, your dentist might have suggested warm compresses. Follow it without fail to avoid complications.

Use Gauze Pad

Like swelling, bleeding is also common after extracting a wisdom tooth. If you see blood, don’t worry. Use the gauze pad and bite firmly to control the bleeding. You’ll be advised to hold the gauze for 30 minutes after the procedure. However, you can repeat it if you still bleed.  Alternatively, you can use a moist tea bag instead of gauze.

Stick To a Soft Diet

Start with fluids following the wisdom teeth removal procedure to ensure you are well-hydrated. You can stick to soft foods day after the surgery but avoid hard food items to prevent any unexpected damage on the extraction site. Avoid sticky items as well as they can stick to the empty socket, making it vulnerable to bacterial infection. Wash your mouth with warm salt water to avoid infection.

Take the Medicines

Don’t skip the medicines prescribed by the dentist. Take the pain killers and antibiotics to promote healing and reduce the pain. The wisdom teeth removal price Sydney is affordable, and if you feel something is wrong, visit the dentist immediately.

Avoid Smoking and Usage of Straw

The act of smoking and using a straw for drinking water or juice can dislodge the blood clot, which is crucial for healing. If the blood clot is dislodged, it can lead to a painful dry socket and delay the healing process. Take plenty of rest, don’t smoke before and after surgery, and get plenty of rest.

The wisdom teeth removal is a standard procedure in dentistry, and the recovery is quick if you follow these post-operative care tips. If you are concerned about wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney or anxious about the procedure, speak to your dentist.

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